Monday, May 13, 2019

Lil Scrappy"s Mother"s Day Message To Bambi Benson Goes South Because He Did This To Erica Dixon -

Lil Scrappy has sparked a debate with his Mother’s Day post where he praised his wife, Bambi Benson, but did not mention his baby mama, Erica Dixon.

The famous rapper and star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta also raised eyebrows by using “our” while talking how much Bambi loves Emani — the gorgeous daughter he shares with Erica.

Scrappy made sure to explain his thought process by saying this: “I say our cause nobody calls kids or parents step unless they’re not into the kid and your all the way in.”

Here is the entire note that was written by the hopeless romantic: “Happy Mothers Day to my beaurtiful and gorgeous wife, I appreciate the woman and mother you are, to our son the Prince and our daughter the princess , thank you for loving us and having God gifted patience , I live the way you love that little guy, and he’s going to know how a woman is supposed to treat there king and visa versa. You are a great example and every bit of what a mom is. Love you my Queen @adizthebam and I say our cause nobody calls kids or parents step unless they’re not into the kid and your all the way in.”

One fan said he should have acknowledged Erica: “Happy Mother’s Day sis, have an amazing day!! Erica is a great mom and Emani is the young woman she’s becoming because of Erica. I find this disrespectful and. Insensitive. Without Erica, there wouldn’t be a beautiful Emani. Erica deserves some recognition as well.”

This social media user shared: “Whatever works, but I call my stepson my stepson. I love him like my own, but he has a mom. I loved this until the “our daughter” 😅 of course she should love your daughter however just think how you would feel if Erica did that to you 🤷🏽‍♀️it is a beautiful post, but I feel as if he shouldn’t have said our daughter 🤷🏽‍♀️ my opinion. Ion care this is wrong on so many levels. 🤦”

This third supporter revealed: “Erica should have gotten a huge Mother’s Day shoutout from scrappy because she was there when times were rough and hard. Bambi just came along at the and when things got easier but she is his wife, so she deserves it too, but you have to recognize a real one which is Erica Dixon O gave you your 1st child.”

It seems there is a little tension between Erica and Scrappy at the moment.


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