Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Jennifer Lopez"s Daughter, Emme, 11, Gives Fans Chills With Cover Of Alicia Keys" "If I Ain"t Got You" In Viral Video -- Some Say She Inherited Marc Anthony"s Talents - kkccb.net

Emme, the daughter of Jennifer Lopez, delivered a brilliant performance of a song by Alicia Keys — “If I Ain’t Got You” — stunning many with her abilities.

Some have pointed out that it is clear she has inherited a lot from her mother and father, Marc Anthony, while others were more focused on the performance itself.

Lopez herself was very encouraging towards her daughter, reminding her to sing the song in its original key.

It looks like Emme has a great potential packed up inside of her, and hopefully, she will take advantage of it and develop her abilities even further.

It does appear that she has a thing or two to learn about overcoming stage fright, but the presence of Lopez at the performance was apparently enough to get her through her difficult moment.

Alex Rodriguez’s fiancée even jokingly said that she should take her daughter along on tour — although some have been wondering if that was indeed a joke.

The young girl will have a great platform to stand on if she decided to build a career in this field, and she already has a strong recognition, especially for someone her age.

However, according to reports, she is focusing on the more important things in the life of someone of that age at the moment, and might not have her eyes set that high.

Nobody knows for sure though — it is entirely possible that fans are getting a sneak peek at the world’s next most prominent singer, and nobody even realizes this yet.

It certainly would not be the first time something like this has happened in entertainment.

One commenter said: “Emme’s singing is so beautiful, a lot of tenderness and charisma 🎤❤️❤️😍 What a talent, amazing!! What a beautiful voice! #Emme.”

Another follower added: “I got so emotional when Emme started singing and staring at you.. she couldn’t ask for a better role model to look up to. You’re a true inspiration mama 💖 so beautiful.”

A third supporter explained: “I can’t be the only one who cried watching Emme sing. Imagine when she gets more confident how more beautiful, she will sound.”

Do you think J.Lo’s daughter has a future in the music industry? Does she deserve a lot of credit for the child’s talent?


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