Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tiny Harris Might Be Thinking Of Having Another Baby - Zonnique Pullins Tells Her To Get Over The Obsession - kkccb.net

Tiny Harris posted a clip from the show that she shares with T.I. and their buddies and family and the caption that she posted have fans wondering. She’s thinking of having another baby and she addresses the baby obsession.

Her older daughter, Zonnique Pullins hops into the comments and tells her to get over this baby obsession of hers.

‘#HeiressMondays Damn I miss this stage…make me think I want another one just for a quick min. I gotta get over my obsession with babies. Tune in tonight @vh1 9pm #FamilyHustleGoneBeLitTonight 👑💜⭐️🤑’ Tiny captioned her post.

Tiny Harris Offers Her Opinion On Chris BrownSource: bet.com

Zonnioque said ‘girl get over it.’

People are laughing at Zonnique’s comment and, as expected, some of them started addressing an alleged pregnancy. Others have been telling Nique to have a kid of her own as well.

Someone commented ‘please don’t listen to all these people saying have a baby, apparently they don’t care about you. Live your life, you’re still young and beautiful…. But you are rich so I doubt if you’ll ever feel the struggle of being a mother, it’s a beautiful thing, but it’s definitely hard work lol😘’

Another follower told Tiny: ‘My kids tell me the same thing they say wait for your grandkids lol.’

On the other hand, someone else believes that ‘7 is the number of completion darling… But hey who said it was too late for the great #8 !😙😙✊👑💝💝😘😘🌠’

For Mother’s Day, Tiny and Zonnique exchanged some heartfelt words on social media and their fans and followers were here for it.


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