Friday, May 10, 2019

Blac Chyna"s Latest Videos Of Her Kids, Dream And King Have Fans In Awe: Dream Is A True Rock Star And King Is Twinning With His Dad -

Blac Chyna‘s fans seem to be the happiest and most excited when she’s posting videos and pics of her two adorable kids. As you already know, she shares a baby girl, Dream with Rob Kardashian and a boy, King Cairo with Tyga.

Both kids are adorable and lately, Chyna has been posting more pics and videos of the two of them on her social media account, making fans happy.

In the latest videos of King Cairo that she shared, fans noticed that the kid looks exactly like his dad, Tyga.

Someone commented ‘And he is so handsome. I’m very surprised they don’t have modeling contacts somewhere. #gapkids.’

Another follower agreed and said ‘He’s so handsome, Tyga’s clone! God, bless you. Him, Lil cutie’s @blacchyna.’


Chyna also posted a video of Dreamy acting like a true rock star, and the comments started pouring next to the video as well.

Someone said ‘She looks just like her daddy,’ while another commenter posted ‘Pretty girl😍 omgggg she is so beautiful! Dreamy poo😭❤’

A fan said ‘Yeah she is so beautiful! She get it from her Mama!!🌸💖🌸💖🌸’ and another fan wrote ‘Aaawwww❤️❤️❤️ omg my girls do that… I say rockstar rockstar lol love it 🥰’

About two weeks ago, Chyna showed fans the miracle product that she is using and which helps her have flawless skin.

It’s the organic skin lightener for which people have bashed her in the past and she decided to advertise it on social media again.


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