Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Gregg Leakes Offers His Gratitude To NeNe Leakes For Being There For Him During His Rough Cancer Journey: "Sometimes It Wasn"t Easy" - kkccb.net

Gregg Leakes got scanned for remaining cancerous cells in his body a few days ago. Fortunately, the results are negative, and it seems that NeNe Leakes’ husband is free of cancer!

Needless to say, his wife, their friends, and fans have been extremely happy and excited following the news because this whole journey has been an extremely difficult one for both Gregg and his caretaker, NeNe.

Someone who has ever been a caretaker might understand better what’s it all about and how difficult this is to do as well.

But, all the negativity should be left behind after Gregg just found out that he’s cured.

Here’s the message that he had for everyone and especially for his beloved wife.


‘Won’t He do it ……Thank you Jesus & Praise God ……Thank you ALL for your Prayers for me and please continue to Pray during my journey.. I thank my wife @neneleakes for being there for me.. Sometimes it wasn’t easy..’ Gregg captioned her post on Instagram.

Someone said ‘Thank you, God. Bless you, Gregg. We pray that you continue to heal and be cancer free.’

A follower posted ‘Thank the Lord!! I’m a breast cancer survivor!! Glad you made it through!!☝🏽🙏🏽’

One fan said that ‘Cancer is never easy, God never said it would be easy, however, he’s a healer. Oh, you just put a song in my heart! We love you Greg and God does too! Praise him!’

Someone else wrote this: ‘Awe, that’s AMAZING news! Everybody ❤️‘s Gregg Leakes. (Gotta tell @bravoandy to give you a show and name it that!) @greggleakes.’

Let’s continue to send the best wishes and the most powerful prayers for Gregg and his family.


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