Saturday, May 18, 2019

Ashanti And Her Sister, Kenashia "Shia" Douglas, Perform For Their Weeping Mother, Tina, In Video That Has Fans Asking, Why Are There Two Ashantis On Stage? -

Ashanti has another person who looks very much like her, and the interesting news is that she too can sing her heart out.

This week, the stunning and talented diva took to Instagram where she posted a few pictures with her younger sister, Kenashia Douglas, also known as Shia Douglas, and fans are left scratching their heads with confusion.

Shia, a fashion designer, took the stage to perform the song “Mother” with Ashanti for their mother, Tina Douglas, who cried.

The “Way That I Love You” singer penned this sweet note to her mother and thanked Shia for taking the stage with her : “What an incredible moment… this means more to me than most people would understand… love u Bink 💗 @liltuneshi.”

She added: “The epitome of true unconditional love. Mom, I could never find the right card or enough words to express how blessed I am to have you. Thank you for everything you do… I’ve never seen strength, compassion, thoughtfulness, selflessness & sacrifice embodied in a woman more than you. My best friend, I love you beyond words. Happy Mother’s Day! @theoriginalmomanger And Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, strong Mother’s around the world!! 💗❤️💜💗”

Shia jumped in the comment section to tell Ashanti what she means to her: “Lmao it’s so funny looking at these pics cuz I can pull up a million others with me looking up at you the same way age 5 / age 13 age 30 !! No matter how big (old) I get I’m always looking up at u I’m inspired by your resilience, class, grace, and tough as$ skin! Your literally my balance ⚖️ my Libra thank you for keeping me level headed having my back loving and supporting me like you do. ✨”

One confused fan asked: “Who else was trying to figure out which one was Ashanti at first? Lol. Why am I the only one that didn’t know Shea could sing? What on earth is going on here? I had to rewind it like nope, not her!”

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Another follower explained: “Thought you were standing next to a hologram of yourself 😂😂😂All three of you are absolutely stunning! Much respect Sister for your work! Keep shining and glowing! 😍😍😍.”

The two sisters appear to be very close and this is something that needs to be applauded.


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