Wednesday, May 15, 2019

James Charles Drama Intensifies: "The Makeup God" Slid Into Model Jay Alvarrez"s DMs And Called Him "Daddy": He Has "No Game" - Here"s The Screenshot Of The Conversation -

The YouTube community has been struck by drama recently following the James Charles scandal. The makeup guru, James has been ‘feuding’ with his fellow YouTuber, Tati Westbrook.

She has recently released a video in which she was criticizing James for allowing himself to be corrupted by money and fame. Long story short, he promoted another brand of vitamins and not hers.

Jeffree Starr, another essential figure in the makeup industry, said there is a reason people ban Charles from their houses.

He said that James was a ‘danger to society,’ and that ‘everything Tati’ said in her video was ‘100% true.’ According to Jeffree, Charles is a predator.

Anyway, after this huge scandal, a lot of people are unfollowing James and the man is losing credibility and fans, that’s for sure.

And as all of this was not enough, something else pops up these days: the online magazine Hollywood Life just reported that James slid into make model Jay Alvarez’s DMs with some pretty flirty comments.

Hay shared the screenshot of their conversation and said that James has no game whatsoever.


Some Twitter users did not understand exactly what’s the problem with James hitting on Jay and they made sure to address this in the comments section.

Others, on the other hand, used the information to bash the beauty guru even more because Jay is straight.

It’s safe to say that James is currently being bullied online, regardless of what he did. The hate seems to be getting a bit too strong.


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