Friday, May 10, 2019

Jordyn Woods Has Fans Going Crazy With Excitement By Showing Off Her Twerking Skills In This Video -

Jordyn Woods is living her best life in spite of the whole drama that took place not too long ago and had her banished from the Kardashian clan. Jordyn’s fans are happy to see their favorite young lady is so happy these days.

As you probably recall, Jordyn was basically banished from the Kar-Jenner clan after allegedly betraying Khloe Kardashian.

After Jordyn’s friendship with Kylie Jenner came to an end, and she had to move out from the beauty mogul’s house, she did not spend her time weeping, but instead, she’s been living her best life.

She now posted a video in which she gives fans a glimpse of her twerking skills and people are definitely here for this.

Most of them say that she seems happier these days compared to when she was still friends with Kylie.

Someone said this after seeing the video shared by The Shade Room: ‘Ohhhh…that’s why Tristan… it. She got them young knees.’

Jordyn Woods

Another follower said ‘When you finally realize you’re actually a black woman. 🕺🏾💃🏽,’ while someone else joked and said ‘Tristan somewhere watching this over and over.’

A follower believes that ‘She’s been real black lately, it’s like she didn’t know being black felt this good.’

One commenter posted that ‘She is trying to show her unseasoned black side that she discovered a month ago.’

Someone else is happy for Jordyn and said ‘She is just happy and enjoying her life. She just seems so at peace these days. ❤️’

Anyway, it’s great to see Jordyn happy and having a good time.


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