Thursday, May 9, 2019

50 Cent Is Being Called A Dictator For Sharing Photos Of This Woman And Referring To Her As A B*tch Who Is Trying To Get Pregnant With His Child -

It is a known fact that rapper 50 Cent lives for a fight/feud or a controversy which is why not many people are surprised by his latest stunt.

The TV star and music mogul took to social media where he posted a few pictures that were taken on the set of a photo shoot for his brand of alcohol beverage with a stunning model.

50 penned a caption accompanying the post where he referred to the woman as a b@tch and told her he is not interested in getting her pregnant.

The mogul wrote: “Man I be telling b@tches; this is just a photo shoot. Don’t look at me like that🤦‍♂️that’s how ya get pregnant. LMAO #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.”

He added: “People are only good for each other when they want the same things. So if I want what I want, and she wants what I want we good. 😟right LOL #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.”

One person replied: “So she can’t want anything in life? Only what you want….. that’s more of a dictatorship. Any of the young ladies that want him y’all crazy, no morals no respect for women not even self-respect. All the money in the world shouldn’t make you lose that. Smh”

Another Instagram user bashed 50 by saying: “LIdk why some men think saying ” I wanna put a baby in you” or something close to that is supposed to be a compliment….ew Her azz looks deformed as hell. What did the fuck happen to it? Had injections gone very wrong or a low budget job? I know! you can do better than that “Fofty,” c’mon now.”

This fan shared: “We’re QUEENS, not B@tches. QUEENS. Don’t you have children/God children/ nieces/nephews ?? This is not an appropriate way to teach them to address each other or themselves. I was about to say nice pic until I read the caption! It’s time for us OLD PPl to Level up mentally. 💋”

A fourth commenter claimed: “Look at the size of her foot.” “Look how skinny she is” STFU everyone comes in different shapes, and sizes accept it for what it is or keep your nasty comments to your selves. Everyone who walks this planet is FAR from PERFECT. She’s still human; she still has feelings .. Y’all wouldn’t be saying it if she was some top high famous paid model. Have some consideration for other people’s image and feelings, you inconsiderate motherfuckers.”

50 lives for the attention.


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