Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tiny Harris Hopes "RHOA" Star Kandi Burruss Will Come Clean And Finally Give Her The Credit That She Deserves -- Is This A Shade From T.I."s Wife? - kkccb.net

After reports came out that Tameka “Tiny” Harris might be considered for a role on Real Housewives of Atlanta, many fans of the show started discussing the possible implications of her joining the cast.

Moreover, while it seemed like many would have been open to the idea, and she would have enjoyed a positive reception, there appears to be one major problem with the idea: Harris herself is not on board.

In the interview with Hollywood Life, Harris explained that she was not all too fond of the idea of joining the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta, despite actually enjoying the show itself.

Zonnique Pullins’ mother explained: “Nothing against the show — I love the show – I just think that… I don’t really want to get in that. I love all the girls, and I would like to stay friends with everyone. I don’t want to be beefing with no one about nothing.”

She added: “Back in the day they asked me about doing the Housewives of Atlanta and I actually told them that they should call Kandi [Burruss]Back in the day they asked me about doing the Housewives of Atlanta, and I actually told them that they should call Kandi [Burruss]. I gave them Kandi’s number because I was in the middle of my own show; I had the Tiny & Toya show at that time, I was an executive producer. It was just me and Toya, and I just had more creative control. My name was in the credits in the headline of the show, and I didn’t want to go and be a cast member. I liked where I was.”

Tiny did go after her Xscape’s bandmate, Kandi Burruss, who is on the show.

She explained: “I would like for her to acknowledge that [I helped her get on the show] because she’s giving the credit to the wrong person.”

T.I.’s wife added that she was currently friendly with most people on the show and wanted to keep things that way, something which would likely be difficult if she was added to the cast of the dramatic production.


Moreover, from that point of view, she might have a point — it is no secret that RHOA revolves mainly around the element of drama, and it is not rare to see quarrels on the show, not to mention long-term beef.

In some cases, it is arguable if the people involved would have had these issues in the first place, which has led many to see the show as a hotbed for drama.

There have been other reports about actors and other celebrities possibly joining the production as well in the meantime, but nothing has been officially confirmed so far.

It is clear that fans of the show love to speculate about its future, but the producers have been keeping most of their plans under tight wraps.


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