Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Porsha Williams And Baby Pilar Jhena Will Be Twinning With Remy Ma And Her Own Baby Girl, Reminisce MacKenzie In The Same "Mommy & Me" Outfits - kkccb.net

Porsha Williams is a complete woman as she said it herself. Since she shared baby PJ’s face for the very first time on TV, she cannot stop posting the cute baby girl on her social media account.

In one of her recent posts, she shared some gifts that she received for herself and for baby PJ and among them, there are some Mommy & Me outfits that the ladies will definitely be rocking.

The very same outfits are also worn by Remy Ma and her own bundle of joy, Reminisce MacKenzie.

These two ladies will have the same outfits as their daughters and they’ll all be twinning. Check out the posts below.

‘Happy 1st Mother’s Day to me🥰🥺 Thank you baby @workwincelebrate it was a day with family and lots of love & laughs! Ps: YES @pilarjhena tryna talk at 7weeks lol,’ Porsha captioned her own post which includes a video in which she’s showing off the cute outfits for the mom and baby girl.


A fan told Porsha ‘Thank you for sharing her with us last night! We’ve all been patiently waiting to see her beautiful little face ❤️’

Someone else said ‘Congrats 💕 Watched your show loved it. Dennis is such a kind and wonderful man. ❤️ So happy for all of you!’

One other commenter said ‘It’s so refreshing to see the love between you, and your fiancé/hubby… Keep God in it, and you’ll keep winning🙏🏽🙌🏼🙏🏽’

Now, here’s Remy’s post on her own social media account.

‘Reminisces🤱🏾📸 by @PapoosePapoose Mommy & Me Fashion #RemyMa #KenzieGirl’ Remy captioned her post.


Fans flooded her comments section with kind words and well wishes.

Someone said ‘She’s perfect Remy is a real one for posting pics showing her ankle bracelet she could have cut that off in the pics so it didn’t show but she keep it real and we love her for it she is beautiful and baby Remy is an angel.’

Another follower posted ‘Beautiful pic sis. Keep ya head up, eyes forward, leave the haters behind you and keep it pushing! Salute!!! ❤❤❤’

Fans wish the best to both moms and their precious little baby girls who managed to change their lives for the better.


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