Monday, May 13, 2019

KUWK: Kendall Jenner Hilariously Takes Revenge On Kris Jenner After The Momager Leaves Her Out Of Mother’s Day Post -

Kris Jenner took to social media to mark Mother’s Day with a post that included all of her daughters, with the exception of Kendall! That being said, the supermodel took revenge by shading her mom in the best of ways!

There is no secret that Kendall is a very savage person and it totally showed this time around as well!

The model decided to throw some shade at her momager after Kris posted a collage of pics on her platform but seemingly forgot about her.

However, in reality, Kris left her out on purpose since she wanted to celebrate her daughters who are also mothers, hence the Mother’s Day post!

That being said, Kendall is the only one in the family who is yet to have kids so it makes total sense she was not included.

Regardless, she still felt like shading Kris and that’s exactly what she did!

She took to social media to share a snap of her grandmother, MJ and captioned it: ‘happy mother’s day.’

That’s right! Instead of wishing that to her own mom, she only paid tribute to grandma!

That’s not to say she didn’t maybe send a sweet message to Kris in private, in addition to the joke.

Besides, it was nice that she wished her grandmother a Happy Mother’s Day, even if it was a way to diss her mamager.

As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know, Kendall is the only one in the family who is not a mother.

All of her other sisters have at least one baby, the one with the biggest family being Kim, who just welcomed her and Kanye West’s fourth baby via a surrogate.

She is closely followed by Kourtney, with three.

Meanwhile, Kylie and Khloe each have one bundle of joy.


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