Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Wendy Williams Might Be Forced To Pay Kevin Hunter Spousal And Child Support Despite His Cheating, Lawyer Claims - kkccb.net

Amid their divorce, Wendy Williams’ former husband Kevin Hunter is reportedly requesting for both child support and spousal support. So does he have chances of getting what he wants?

Attorney, Peter G. Aziz tells HollywoodLife that the talk show host might need to pay her estranged husband alimony even if he cheated!

As you may know, yesterday, Kevin responded to Wendy’s divorce petition, requesting that she pays him spousal support and child support for their 18-year-old son!

Now, the lawyer explains to the news outlet that due to the state law, she might need to pay up.

‘New Jersey is a no fault state. The fact that he got another woman pregnant while he was still married will have little to no financial effect on what he is entitled to,’ the attorney stated, referring to Kevin’s cheating scandal.

He also went on to explain the types of alimony he asked for, saying: ‘Rehabilitative alimony is when one party has to essentially get back on their feet. It is typically a situation where one party has been a caregiver and the other party has been the breadwinner. It’s usually when one party needs to reintegrate into the workforce after being out of work for an extended period of time.’

‘Remember that in NJ the parties are expected to live the same or similar lifestyle divorced as they did married. Permanent alimony is a financial award that goes on indefinitely.’

Aziz went on to also explain that in New Jersey, child support does not stop being paid when the child becomes of age.

If the child is in college and does not have a job of their own to support themselves, they continue to receive child support.


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