Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ciara"s Husband, Russell Wilson, Wins Father Of The Year For Taking Ballet Lesson With Princess Sienna In Sweet Video -

Leave it to Ciara’s husband to provide the world with so much joy in this sweet video with baby Sienna Princess Wilson.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Ciara decided to delight her millions of Instagram followers with a brief clip where Russell Wilson and their cutie pie daughter are attending ballet class.

The NFL player is very dedicated and worked hard to make sure that his daughter, in a cute tutu, hit all the fancy dance moves.

Sienna struggled at first but eventually followed her father’s lead and did an amazing job.

Ciara captioned the wonderful video: “Too cute! Fly home during promo even if it’s for a day and a half to be with my babies ❤️. @DangeRussWilson #Family #Saturdays.”

One person had this reaction: “Omg, he’s the best dad 😭😭😭 Get you a husband like Russell. Russell looked like he was having more fun than SiSi. She is beautiful! It was great seeing you at the Essence Carnival your legs are next level! You got me about to hit 1000 lunges next week!!!”

Another fan praised Russell for being a great father: “I see why Russell makes these bitter men jealous and angry so they gotta resort to calling him corny or lame. You all lose in every aspect when it comes to Russ. All of you cannot compare to the man, so you try to make him seem less than when in reality this is the mf STANDARD!! I swear… this man was created in a lab.. there MUST BE MORE OF THEM🙄🙄🙄🙄Black men with daughters is everything 😩❤️I love this family 😍 …. but I think baby girl rather do Karate, she doesn’t want to be there … lol”

This third supporter stated: “I need the prayer, and I need it now dammit. Maaaannnnnnnnnn if your man doesn’t give you Russell Wilson vibes he AINT the one, sis😩This is the dream family I’ve always prayed for ♥️ she’s living a real-life fairy tale. Like who raised Russell Wilson?!? Open a school. You all keep asking for the prayer, and the gag is raised better sons!!!! That’s where good husbands and fathers come from. Hug your sons. Let them cry and not tell them to stop being a punk and man up!!! Start there.”

Russell is once more winning the Web.


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