Thursday, May 2, 2019

Nipsey Hussle"s Sister, Samantha Smith, Will Not Get Custody Of His Daughter With Tanisha Asghedom, AKA Chyna Hussle, For This Reason -

Samantha Smith surprised many after it was revealed that she filed documents to obtain custody of his only daughter, Emani Asghedom.

Samantha also shocked Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama and ex-girlfriend, Tanisha Asghedom, also known as Chyna Hussle.

Documents showed that Samantha requested that her petition to grant her guardianship of Emani remain private and that Tanisha should not be notified.

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My Easter egg

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Samantha said she made the request because she wants Emani to have a relationship with Nipsey’s side of the family.

The judge handling the matter denied Samantha’s request, stating that there was no urgency to grant her guardianship prior to the hearing for Nipsey’s suspected killer, Eric Holder, on May 14th.

Emani lived with her dad, Lauren London, and her baby brother, Kross.

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You are my heart. You are my strength my wisdom my joy my balance. You are my Superhero. Invincible to me. I feel so safe with you. I feel so covered and protected. Imperfections do not exist with you because you are flawless. I need you I need you please let me hold you again. You are my baby. To the world you are the strongest man and to me you are the most vulnerable innocent child. Your heart is pure they don’t know you like we know you. Your love is expansive. Talk to me again. You’ve taught me so much. You hold me down through everything. I got Lauren. I got Emani. I got Kross. I got Sam, he is my responsibility now. He is my big little brother. I got mommy and Granny and Pop. You gave me so many tools. You gave me so much insight. We will talk every second of everyday and I am here to carry out your vision. Ermias God Will Rise. I love you forever and I will cry forever. You are my lifeline as long as I am here you are too.

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One fan reacted to the news by saying: “If she has known him since teenage years and had a baby she will always love him. We (the internet) don’t know the extent of the relationship. I don’t think they were together, but she will always love him because of there daughter stop being insensitive… if it’s some real tea, it will come out one day. I wanted to add I don’t see why you have to take a child away from they mother cause they lost they father don’t that sound backward.”

Another commenter stated: “But why would she try to get guardianship like she doesn’t have a mother tho 🤔That child belongs with her mother….unless she’s unfit. If she wants to spend time with her niece her and her niece’s mom they need to conclude, she already lost one parent…it’s important for the other one to be a part of her life. I pray they work it without the court system. 🙏🏼🙏🏼”

This person asked: “Why take the child from her mom anyway when she just lost her dad? 🙄 Must be money purposes as always. They know the kid is about to inherit it all.”

This fourth Instagram user claimed: “She has a perfectly good mother in her life why would she get custody…Always some mess after a family member dies. File for split custody or ask the courts for visitation… jumping to take a child from her living parent is a bit much. Regardless of the situation- I hope this doesn’t get messier publicly and taint what Nipsey left.”

This fight is only beginning.


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