Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cardi B Was Not Worried About Running Into Nicki Minaj At The Met Gala - Here"s Why! -

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were both in attendance at the Met Gala and yet, everything remained peaceful! This year, the rival rappers did not have an explosive run-in at a huge event and apparently, Cardi had no worries that they would either!

In fact, one insider report claims Nicki was not on Cardi’s mind at all that night!

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi was not worried at all about the possibility of running into Nicki and she wasn’t focused on their past drama one bit. Cardi‘s main concern was having fun with the theme, working her look, and seeing the fans.’

As fans remember, things did not go well in the slightest last time Cardi and Nicki were at an event together.

The two celebs started their explosive feud in a big way!

Shoes were thrown, ugly swollen bruises were photographed and harsh things were said!

The conflict that escalated to a physical altercation took place last year at Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party, during New York Fashion Week.

It was so bad that security had to intervene, forcing Cardi to leave the premises.

Oh, and also, during the fight, somehow, Cardi’s dress got ruined.

The garment got ripped all the way to her butt, exposing her underwear.

As for how she got her painful looking bump on her temple, it was reported that LHHNY star Rah Ali was the one who punched Cardi amid the confusing fight.

But what started the beef? Cardi took to social media at the time to accuse Nicki of criticizing her parenting skills.

The source claims that ‘Cardi is in such a different place right now in her life and beefing with Nicki was the last thing on her mind. She has really matured this past year, and having Kulture and the success she’s achieved really puts her in a different head space. She knew she slayed with her look at the Met Gala and wanted to make this night all about positivity and moving forward, not backwards.’


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