Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jordyn Woods Flaunts Her Jaw-Dropping Beach Body While Promoting Swimwear And Fans Go Crazy With Excitement - See The Pics - kkccb.net

Jordyn Woods keeps flourishing, and fans say that this is mostly part of her ‘break up’ with the Kardashian clan. The truth is that the photos that this young lady has been posting on social media indeed bomb, you have to admit this.

The latest couple of pics show a gorgeous Jordyn advertising a swimsuit, and she looks amazing.

Her fans completely agree and make sure to praise Kylie Jenner’s former BFF in the comments.

Someone said ‘That post toxic relationship glow 😍’ and this is not the first time that someone hints at this.

Jordyn has been told before that she’s happier and healthier, not to menti0n more beautiful since she left the Kardashians behind.


One shocked fan joked and said ‘Was not prepared for this, where is my inhaler?’ while another person gushed over Jordyn as well: ‘You are a beautiful young lady in and out NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise.’

One person accused her of using filters and said ‘Stop the filtering… your legs are not real,’ while someone else wrote ‘you in the market for a new bff or are you done with friendships? asking for myself.’

Another person mentioned People magazine and wrote ‘I was so disgusted to see today’s People Magazine article regarding you and Kylie from a “Source.” You are a more beautiful person without that toxic family, and I’m sensing jealousy on their part. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay clear of them! They proved their disloyalties to you…Let them go!’

One other commenter had a great suggestion for Jordyn: ‘Girl you need to start filming your workouts, sharing your skin routine, your diet. What you be DOIN?! SPILL IT!’

It was recently reported that Jordyn took all of her things from Kylie Jenner’s home and the news broke the hearts of people who were still rooting for these ladies and hoping that things would go back to the way they used to be.


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