Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Kevin Hunter Reportedly ‘Furious’ Wendy Williams Has Been Talking About Him And His Mistress On Her Talk Show - kkccb.net

Wendy Williams did not hesitate to not so subtly reference her issues with former husband Kevin Hunter on her show and now, one insider report claims he is ‘furious’ because of it. Apparently, he is worried she might continue to discuss their failed marriage and divorce in the future as well.

Kevin is apparently thinking of trying to stop her from doing that again.

As fans may know, the talk show host appeared to shade Kevin and his cheating scandal during one of her latest Hot Topics segments on her show.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Kevin’s furious, he claims Wendy promised him their divorce wouldn’t become a hot topic on her show. No one has sympathy for him though, she’s a public person and a very outspoken person. And this is possibly just the beginning, she has finally woken up to the truth and she is mad as hell.’

‘Kevin is really worried about what Wendy will say about him on her show next, to the point that he wants to try and stop her from speaking about him. She did not actually use his name though so what can he do?’

As for how Wendy referenced her husband’s betrayal and his alleged longtime mistress, the celeb talked about women not staying away from married men.

She argued that those kinds of women have no respect for marriage.

However, in the end she admitted that while they have nothing to lose, the same cannot be said about the husbands who can’t help themselves and end up cheating.

In other words, regardless of the fact that they may have females flirting with them, it’s ultimately still the men’s fault for betraying their wives and families.


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