Saturday, May 18, 2019

Ann Coulter Tells Donald Trump To Learn English -- Conservative Firebrand Slams POTUS Over Border Wall -

According to Ann Coulter, it is time President Donald Trump learn English so he can properly understand the meaning of the word wall.

This week, the conservative pundit and author took to social media to destroy Trump’s newly-unveiled immigration plan.

During a press conference, the former reality TV star shared his proposal that featured some big changes in family-based migration, security on the southern border, and the asylum system.

Coulter hated every aspect of the plan and obliterated it as she live-tweeted through Trump’s speech.

Coulter began with this tweet mocking Trump: “If you become VERY proficient at English, @realDonaldTrump, someday you will understand the meaning of the word ‘WALL.’”

She went on to say: “I.Q. TEST: Was the chant at Trump rallies …

1) “make the border operationally secure!”

2) “develop border security programs!”

3) “invest in technology at the border!”


Coulter went on to slam her own party: “What happened to the total immigration moratorium? We need a break! Why are Republicans always so anxious to say they want to bring in MORE immigrants? “Screw you, voters – we prefer foreigners.”

The conservative pundit continued with: “The word “wall” has not crossed the president’s lips, lambchop. Only BS euphemisms that mean “You’re Never Getting a Wall” — e.g. “border security! Also, we want immigrants to compete with Chamber of Commerce lobbyists and the Koch Brothers. One other thing we give immigrants: Preference over Americans in college admissions and government contracts. If Democrats didn’t hate America so much, they’d attack Trump’s immigration bill as a gift to the Koch brothers.”

She told Trump to learn English: “Great that Trump wants language proficiency for immigrants. How about language proficiency for presidents?

wall /wôl/ noun

1.a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land. If you become VERY proficient at English, @realDonaldTrump, someday you will understand the meaning of the word “WALL.”

She concluded by: “MSM: Trump’s immigration bill does nothing about “Dreamers.” No, doing “nothing,” means they get to stay — and yet another year goes by with no enforcement against millions of illegal aliens. NO WALL. KEEPS SAME MASSIVE LEVELS OF LEGAL IMMIGRATION. And this is the rube-bait campaign document, not even a serious bill.”

Trump will have to build the wall to win Coulter back.


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