Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Did Kendall Jenner Overreact When Mom Kris Failed To Include Her In The Mother"s Day Photo Collage? Here Is Why Fans Are Defending The "KUWTK" Matriarch? - kkccb.net

Kendall Jenner was suspiciously not mentioned in a recent post by Kris Jenner celebrating Mother’s Day — something which many people were quick to notice, but it looks like she is not going to roll over and accept the situation.

The post in question was supposed to be a collage of all mothers in Kris’ family, but one was noticeably absent.


Moreover, now, Kendall has fired back in a spectacular way. In a recent post of her own, she sent her best wishes for the special day to none other than her grandmother.

There was no mention of Kris at all in the post, which many fans found hilarious, and quickly started sharing the burn.

It is not clear if the relationship between the two women is in a bad state at the moment, although many have pointed out that the exchange was likely all in good humor.

After all, Kris would probably change her mind if the situation around Kendall changed in the future.

However, until then, her post makes sense. In any case, it was entertaining for many to watch the exchange go down, although some have pointed out that Kendall might have gone a bit overboard with her reaction.

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happy mother’s day

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Still, as long as things between the two are fine behind the scenes, that is all that matters.

Sometimes all fans want to see is a bit of drama and hilarious burns going back and forth, and this is exactly what they got in this case.

One fan defended Kris by saying: “The people saying “what about Kendall” really don’t understand the concept of Mother’s Day huh…”

Another follower went in the same direction and added: “Are y’ all like dumb or did I miss something? For you all asking where’s Kendall. Is she a mother? or-”

A third supporter explained: “Damn can people not read?? It is Mother’s Day! She is shouting out her daughters that are moms!”

This commenter stated: “To all of you asking where is Kendall, Kendall is not a mom yet, she will be an amazing one when she is ready, allow Kris celebrate all her daughters that are mothers already, today is ‘Mother’s Day.”

Is Kendall just playing with her mother? Were her feelings really hurt?


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