Friday, May 17, 2019

Tamar Braxton Shares A Racy Video With Kandi Burruss - Fans Gush Over Tamar"s Cellulite And Praise Kandi"s Dance -

Tamar Braxton is celebrating Kandi Burruss’ birthday. She shared a video on her social media account from the racy show, Welcome to the Dungeon, and fans are definitely here for this.

The video shows Kandi dancing and her sensual moves have fans crazy with excitement.

‘Screaming 🗣🗣🗣🗣 HAPPY Birthday to @Kandi KAAAAAAAAAAANnnnnnnnnndice!!! 😂😂😂😩💕😂I’m so mad I won’t be in my hometown tonight to celebrate with you😔 but I know that this won’t be the last bday that you have that we bring in together!! I’m grateful for our sisterhood and I pray God strengthens it and You for this year and many, many more!! Get cha life! 👅💫’ Tamar captioned the video.

Someone gushed over the ladies’ friendship and said ‘I’m so happy big brother brought y’all back together cause this was a friendship I didn’t even know I needed.’

One follower praised Kandi’s moves and said: ‘Kandi has some rhythm. She always says she can’t dance tho. She hit that.’

Someone said ‘God restored y’all so beautifully this year! It was meant to be! So happy for friendship and sisterhood! Continued blessings girls! ❤️❤️’

People addressed Tamar’s body as well and while some people body shamed her, like the following commenter, others praised her courage of getting on stage dressed like that.

One person said ‘Tamar, I love you but you showing too many dimples back there cover it up some girl.’

Another fan said ‘I was waiting for that beat da drop and see ha cut up😩🙌🏾😍😂 I watched it twice like ayyyyye 😂😂😂’

Someone else praised Tamar’s body and said this: ‘Yes to real bodies! Women of all shapes and sizes have cellulite! Deal with it🙄 ppl get on my nerves.’

It was recently reported that Kandi’s hubby Todd Tucker gave her the best present for her birthday.


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