Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tiny Harris" Latest Photo Has Fans Praising Her While Criticizing Marlo Hampton"s Poor Choice In Swimsuits -

Tiny Harris is the cutes wife, as some fans call her, in the latest photo that she shared on her social media account. She’s with Marlo Hampton who’s flaunting a yellow swimsuit, but her choice in swimwear is not appreciated by Tiny’s fans at all.

It seems that the ladies were on set at BET during Games People Play. See the photo that has people talking below.

‘Check ya girl out on @bet show #GamesPeoplePlay double trouble was on the scene @marlohampton on right now @9pm big thanks to the lovely @traceyeedmonds & @realnickroses 👑🙌🏽🤑’ Tiny captioned her photo from the set.


A person criticized Marlo and said ‘Ummm Marlo, girlfriend, that swimsuit is too small 👀’ and another follower agreed: ‘Marlo came to slay …she showing things..but maybe a bit too much tbh.’

One other commenter believes that ‘Marlo should’ve had some respect and put on a sarong or wrap. Everyone else is covered up.’

Someone gushed over Tiny and said, ‘Why am I just realizing how Tiny “Tiny” really is?’ while another fan praised her: ‘You are so pretty and petite. Everyone else looks like a giant.’

A commenter said this about Tiny: ‘A tiny GIANT! Love real WIVES that represent women like me! 🏆’

Another fan took this occasion to praise all the women of color out there: ‘I want to take this time to thank God for all the beautiful black women in this world. You are strong. You are courageous. You are brilliant. You are who we depend on. You are the light in this world despite your dark complexion. You are what keeps us going. You nourish with no end. All of you are beautiful and we are grateful for your love. All beautiful black women follow me so I can follow you back. Thank you for being our super women ❤️’

Tiny is proud of her hubby, Tip these days after the man gets an important award.


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