Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ben Simmons Supporters Plead With Him To Dump Kendall Jenner After Playoff Loss - Blaming It On The "Kardashian Curse" Again! - kkccb.net

Did the Kardashian Curse strike again? After the Philadelphia 76ers lost their chance to advance in the NBA playoffs, fans of the team are convinced Kendall Jenner dating star basketball player Ben Simmons is to blame for the loss on May 12!

As a result, they have been pleading with the sportsman to end things with the supermodel.

It was definitely a terrible loss for the Philadelphia 76ers, ending their 2019 playoff run after losing to the Toronto Raptors 92-90.

Fans were devastated by that result and a lot of them were also upset about Ben’s performance in that game.

And since he started going out with Kendall just before the 2018/2019 NBA season, people believe he’s the latest victim of the so-called ‘Kardashian Curse.’

The KUWK star was not even in attendance at any of the playoff games but she’s still being blamed for Ben and the team’s bad results.

After this final game was over, people took to social media to tweet things like: ‘Ben needs to dump Kendall and work on his jump shot.’ / ‘Ben Simmons this is your last chance…make this off-season count. I want to see that mid-range jumper, I want you to shoot the ball and dominate…please don’t just hang out with Kendall, get to work!!!!’ / ‘Ben Simmons stop going on dates with Kendall get a jump shot so you can be the BEST player in the league.’

And that’s not all! The dedicated fans even tweeted at Kendall to dump Ben herself if he was not willing to let her go.

In actuality, the status of their relationship is not really known to the public since they are both very private people and haven’t been spotted together in months!

So maybe they are not together anymore and the Kardashian Curse is nothing but a superstition meant to blame the Kar-Jenner women for their men’s actions. Hmm….we may never know!


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