Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Kelly Ripa Pokes Fun At Hubby Mark Consuelos For Taking Her To Wrestling Match And Not The Met Gala In Hilarious Videos - kkccb.net

Kelly Ripa posted a number of videos in which she was teasing her husband Mark Consuelos for skipping the Met Gala and instead, taking her on a date at a wrestling match! At the time, the couple and their 16-year-old son, Joaquin were in the car, on their way, and the TV personality thought it was funny how they were not at the fancy event and instead, were doing their own thing.

Kelly teasingly talked about their destination.

In one of the clips, she said: ‘We’ve got this camp thing down, this Met Gala, we’re about to own this Met Gala,’ referring to the event’s theme.

Kelly was then interrupted by her son who made it clear that ‘We’re not going to the Met Gala.’

‘We are totally going. And let me tell you, you are wearing your camp wear…’ the mother argued.

‘We’re not going,’ Joaquin hilariously mentioned once again.

Kelly then addressed her husband, trying to get him to just turn the car around and head to the Met Gala instead.

However, the man had another plan.

‘Honey, I think we’re going in the wrong direction,’ she cleverly suggested.

‘To the Met Gala? We’re not going to the Met Gala,’ he responded.

Kelly just insisted that they were already dressed like campers so they were pink carpet ready.

‘I’m taking you to Grapple at the Garden. It is a wrestling tournament match,’ the husband calmly announced.

Sure enough, the wrestling match was taking place at the same time as the Met Gala.

Later on, Kelly just continued to joke about the whole thing, posting pics and vids from the match and captioning them with ‘This met gala rocks’ and even wondering where Vogue editor Anna Wintour was seated.


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