Friday, May 10, 2019

Ciara Leaves Absolutely Nothing To The Imagination With Promo Pictures For Her New Album -- Fans Take On Critics Who Say She Is Disrespecting God And Russell Wilson With The Raunchy Shoot -

Wearing nothing at all, Ciara has set the Internet on fire with the cover art for her new album entitled Beauty Marks.

Russell Wilson’s wife, much like Ayesha Curry, has sparked a heated debate about what a Christian spouse should or should not do.

In one photo, Ciara is in her birthday suit while wearing a pair of Nike sneakers with long flowing hair. While in another promo picture, Ciara is wearing a blouse and nothing else.

Some say that Ciara is disrespecting her husband and setting a bad example for her daughter.

One critic said: “This is what you’re teaching your daughter, that it’s ok to take off your clothing. I am very confused; your husband is a man of God. I just don’t get what is going, smh.”

Another person bashed Future’s ex: “Does anyone in the business keep their bodies between them and their spouse? You got the perfect man and kids, chill out. These artists have to always sell sex. I don’t understand, why you have to take your clothes off, have some respect for your husband. I don’t get it. I am sorry.”

This defender of the diva shared: “I’m sorry, but I don’t see se.x, I see art! Artistic expression! She’s nude on the bottom, but she’s covered. It’s the same thing you would see if she had on bikini bottoms. When you’re called out, you say it’s your opinion. However, it’s more than an opinion when you bring her family into it — questioning her motherhood, implying that she’s disrespecting her husband. That’s beyond an opinion. Russell and Ciara work, because he’s mature and secure enough to separate Ciara the artist, from Ciara, his wife! He didn’t marry her to change who she is as an artist! She’s one of the only artists that can pull off partial nudity in a sexy, classy way!”

Another backer claimed: “Her husband would tell her if he feels disrespected…All these women outraged are funny to me. You all were mad when Russell took those vacation pics, too 🤣. Mad when Ciara twerks, mad when she does something that makes you feel uncomfortable as a woman basically. And that is not her problem. Shaming a woman by bringing up her children and husband is the oldest most overused form of misogyny in the book. And it’s tired. If you don’t like the image, please do yourself a favor and don’t look. Keep scrolling. If you’re pressed about it, unfollow. Either way, Ciara will keep being Ciara. She’s going to show skin. She’s going to be sexy in what feels good to HER. All while being a wonderful mother to her kids and adored by her husband. You all aren’t real fans anyway. I guarantee half of y’ all aren’t here for her music, but a “prayer.”

Beauty Marks, which features songs like “Level Up,” “Dose,” and “Greatest Love” will be available on May 10th.


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