Thursday, May 9, 2019

Snoop Dogg Has A Problem That Rapper T.I. Could Fix, According To Fans - Check Out What"s This All About -

Snoop Dogg shared a video recently in which he’s asking people whether the Gucci ban is off or not. The rapper really wants to know what’s going on because he says that he still has a bunch of Gucci items he has not given away yet.

You may recall that Gucci found itself in hot water after the immense blackface scandal triggered when they released a black sweater with red lips which resembled blackface.

The community and especially rapper T.I. slammed the brand and initiated a boycott movement.

To be more precise, Tip did this, telling people on his social media account to stop wearing Gucci and other brands which seemed racist.

Now, people are suggesting Snoop to ask Tip whether the Gucci ban is off or not since he’s the one who started the movement.

In the comments section of Snoop’s post, opinions are varied as always.

Someone said ‘Ask T.I. he’s responsible for all bans for the black community. 🙄’ and another follower agreed: ‘Ask T. I. expeditiously 😂’

Someone else believes this ‘I’m sure folks don’t even remember that there was a ban on Gucci.’

One person said ‘Than ban is off! THEY APOLOGIZED AND WORKED WITH DAPPER DAN ON A SOLUTION AND PLANS TO BE MORE INCLUSIVE WITH THE DESIGN TEAM! What else y’all want let’s move on!!! 🤷🏾‍♂️’

A follower wrote ‘I wanted to know too, because that Gucci Bloom perfume smell soo good😫’

One Instagrammer said that ‘This Gucci boycott really shows how black people will be disrespected and not wanted but will go broke just to stunt in designers that don’t want them.’

What do you think about the Gucci ban? Should it be off or should people continue the boycotting?


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