Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nipsey Hussle"s Ex-Girlfriend, Tanisha Foster, Vows To Fight For Custody Of Their Daughter, Emani, As Lauren London Gets A Stunning Pendant From An Unlikely Source -

In a touching move, Charlamagne tha God has gifted a very detailed pendant with the likeness of Nipsey Hussle to the late rapper’s girlfriend, Lauren London.

The radio personality claims that he was already planning to do a tribute to the rapper in any case, but getting to do one in this specific context was something that felt even more rewarding for him.

Charlamagne tha God also explained his creative process behind the piece, stating that he took a photo of the rapper that he felt represented him in the most appropriate manner, and then translated it into a 3D CAD design.

After that, the piece was printed out and cast in gold. It was detailed meticulously with various small bits like the rapper’s tattoos, and even a tiny diamond in his ear.

Reports indicate that Lauren was deeply touched by the gesture, and was very happy to see the support she has been receiving from so many sides so far.

The rapper’s death took many by surprise, and the music world is still in shock over the incident, with many people discussing what went down and trying to figure out if it could have been prevented.

Meanwhile, a lot of speculation still surrounds the incident, with some wondering precisely happened on that tragic day, and why Hussle was targeted in the first place.

While explanations have been brought forward already, it looks like none of them have been satisfying enough for the public, and people have poked various holes in those theories.

In the meantime, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Tanisha Foster, also known as Tanisha Asghedom and Chyna Hussle, was in court today fighting for the custody of their 10-year-old daughter, Emani Asghedom.

The child used to live with the late hip-hop artist and his sister, Samantha Smith, wants custody of the young girl. Smith is supported by her brother, Blacc Sam, and his father.

Foster said this after a court hearing: “I love my daughter, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.”

A decision is expected for Friday in the custody fight. The rapper’s net worth is estimated at over $ 2 million.

Who do you think will get custody of Emani? Do you think Lauren might get involved in this at some point?


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