Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tiny Harris And BFF Marlo Hampton Were Invited At Sister Circle TV - The Ladies Publicly Proclaimed Their Affection For One Another -

Yesterday, Tiny Harris and BFF Marlo Hampton were invited on Sister Circle TV. When Tiny made the announcement, she also made sure to publicly proclaim her love for Marlo who responded with the same kind words in the comments.

‘Your girl coming on @sistercircletv today at noon!! Along with my girl @marlohampton I love her!! @syleenajohnson @rashanali @summerjacksontv check us out right about now!! 👑🎶 #IF**kin<3U #TinysRyders #Outeverywhere,’ Tiny captioned her post on social media.

Marlo posted: ‘Love you too sis 😘😘😘’


Someone said ‘Such a Boss!!! I love it!!!! Wishing you and your fam many blessings ❤💪🐐💯’

Another follower wrote ‘I’m really diggin those fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 shoes,Tiny!!!!!!! # ur The diva babe girl!!!!!! # an I love you & ur family!!!!!!!!’

Tiny has recently made fans excited with a new announcement on her social media account.

You probably recall that Tiny has a bedroom persona whom she calls Ryder. She addressed the issue in a video and T.I. hopped into the discussion as well.

Long story short, Ryder seems to be Tiny’s freaky side, and Tip is not here for Tiny’s decision of making her alter ego public. Tiny revealed that she’ll be taking this ‘Ryder’ character on stage and as reported, Tip was not here for this.

Now, Tiny told her fans that they can ‘ride’ with her on stage as well and she published the announcement with the requirements. A lot of fans promissed to attend and try to get on stage with Tip’s wife.


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