Thursday, May 16, 2019

Joseline Hernandez Shares Perfect Picture Of Bonnie Bella And DJ Ballistics And Fans Remind Her That Stevie J Wants To See His Daughter -

A glowing Joseline Hernandez has decided to flaunt her love and newfound happiness with her boyfriend and music producer, DJ Ballistics, in a new series of adorable pictures.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star told the world that she has no time for baby daddy Stevie J by posing lovingly with her new man while having dinner with Bonnie Bella.

Via the caption, Joseline more or less claimed that she has upgraded. She wrote: “Upper Echelon.”

Joseline recently raised eyebrows by sharing a video of Bonnie Bella and DJ Ballistics and captioned it, “daddy’s girl.”

One fan had this reaction: “He looks like he can handle her 💪🏾He matches her way better than steeebeee. With a man like that she has to be kicking herself for tripping ova Stevie😣😄Lawd have mercy! Jo’s don’t come to TV world keep your happiness and keep moving; real talk Do you see Jay AMD Bey Denzel AMD his wife just a few to name all on the tube?. Your happiness is what’s important now.”

This supporter stated: “Lovely family, and this hair and makeup is on point! She is the only reality celebrity that you actually see with their child. Stevie somewhere punchin the air 😭😭😂So happy for my two beautiful girls and Mr wonderful to be added to this family 😍😘😘❤️ Love always WINS B.❤️🙏”

A critic said: “I don’t know why these dudes choose to date single moms …only took me once for me to stay away smh. She would have all the broken English to speak if it were Stevie and Faith posted up with Bonnie.”

Another Instagram user wrote: “Stepdaddy shark dooo doooo doo doo doooooo. Bonnie going to make a lot of people regret they ever spoke negatively on her! This baby is going to be beautiful when she gets older! She’s already a little doll! 💖💖💖Why do people feel the need to keep mentioning Stevie? Get over that shit already.”

This backer of Stevie J shared: “Y’all look -mad- but “beautiful” together.🤔 Where’s the “chemistry”? Maybe it’s the photographers’ fault, but it’s not captured here!! 🤷🏽‍♀️IJS. It’s ok for you to have dude around Bonnie but won’t let her be around faith smh. Stevie wants to see his daughter. Let that child know her dad wants to be in her life. She’s looking for attention from Stevie J 🙄. That body language does not scream Love! And why did she put that huge plate of food in front of that baby? But nothing in front of her 🤣🤣.”

Joseline is putting the past in her rear view mirror.


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