Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Jenelle Evans In Danger Of Losing Custody Of Her Children If She Doesn"t Divorce David Eason, Lawyer Says -

Following husband David Eason’s shooting of her dog, Jenelle Evans is reportedly in danger of losing custody of her kids! This comes after her oldest son, Jace, 9 and 4-year-old Kaiser were removed from her house in the light of David’s actions.

Now, one family attorney explains how she can get them back but also how she could legally lose custody of the young ones!

North Carolina based attorney Christopher Adkins dished for the news outlet that Jenelle is in danger of never getting her boys back if she decides to stay with David.

‘It happens in custody situations that one parent will make allegations about a step-parent to get a leg up, but if the accusations are true and if Jenelle stays with David, it’s possible she could lose custody of her kids.’

Adkins shared that Jace, fathered by Andrew Lewis is living with Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans while her other son, Kaiser stays with his dad Nathan Griffith and grandma, Doris.

As for her youngest child and only daughter, Ensley, fathered by David, the two-year-old still lives with her parents for the time being.

The lawyer explained that in order for her to get the other two kids back, Jenelle would have to prove to Child Protective Services that their house is a ‘safe environment.’

‘In order to prove to CPS the children will have a safe environment, they’ll have to show there are no guns accessible, no drugs and that they are completing an anger management program, then that’s when CPS feels comfortable to allow the children to return to their home.’

He went on: ‘Additionally, if the fathers to Jenelle’s other kids made reports to CPS, it might be grounds to modify their current custody arrangement. So this could negatively affect her, and have her current custody order modified.’


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