Saturday, May 18, 2019

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Get Criticized For Picking Religious Names For Their Sons And Directions For The Girls -- Is This Valid? -

Friday, Kim Kardashian took to social media to upload the very first picture of her fourth child, whom she shares with her husband, Kanye West.

The reality TV star and businesswoman also revealed the name of the baby boy — welcome to the world, Psalm West.

In the photo, baby Psalm is in his crib wrapped in white blankets and is wearing the same colored-swaddling clothes.

The mother penned this sweet message announcing the arrival of her bundle of joy: “Beautiful Mother’s Day

With the arrival of our fourth child

We are blessed beyond measure

We have everything we need.”

Psalm joins sisters North, Chicago, and brother Saint. Like everything, Kim/Kanye — the name went viral and created a lot of drama and mockery.

Additionally, many people revealed that they do not know how to pronounce the biblical book of Psalms.

One person, who is frustrated by the religious names for the boys and the locations for the girls, said: “Religion for the boys and cities/locations for the girls😩. HOW are all these people asking when she was pregnant.. 😂 or how to pronounce Psalm.. jeezzzzzz. The only thing I noticed negatively was the billions of loose blankets in the crib. Just me?”

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Another commenter asked Kim this question: “Congratulations, but I have to ask? Did Kanye allow you to pick a single name for your children? You can deny, but to me, it seems they are ALL so Kanye. Pretty sure he thinks he is the second coming of Christ born in Chicago. First, North (North Star), then Saint, then Chicago… Now, Psalm. 🙄 I feel sorry that you give him all that power and eat up all his crazies. Not just in regard to your kid’s names either. 😟”

This Instagram user had this remark: “North: Highest point. Saint: Virtue. Chicago: Home. Psalm: Sacred Song. I see what Ye did there. Some people name their children Jesus and put a little twist on it by calling me hey-Zeus. What is the problem?”

This critic explained: “Chilling in the north side of Chicago reading about praising saints in the book of psalms….heard yall. Let me add, so the boys get biblical names, and the girls get Mapquest directions.”

The power parents always innovate when it comes to names.


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