Monday, May 6, 2019

Wendy Williams" Ex Asks For Spousal And Child Support For 18-Year-Old Son Amid Their Divorce -

According to new reports, Wendy Williams’ estranged husband wants the talk show host to pay him spousal support amid their divorce. And that is not even all! Apparently, Kevin Hunter also wants child support for their teen son.

It’s official! Kevin filed his response to his ex Wendy’s divorce petition and new legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal he is seeking financial assistance from Wendy.

As for their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., he is already 18 years old, just about to turn 19, but the father is still requesting child support.

This is the latest update in the divorce filed by Wendy Williams on April 10.

TMZ also reports that Kevin wants his estranged wife to also pay their son’s college tuition in addition to contributing to the ‘equitable distribution of all personal assets.’

With all that being said, it sounds like Wendy and Kevin’s divorce might take a really long time to get settled.

In the meantime, the talk show host has started anew by moving to her own apartment in New York City.

Wendy wanted to distance herself from her and Kevin’s failed marriage and returning to their family home would not have been of much help.

The star even fired her ex-husband from her talk show.

Back in April, one Wendy Williams Show spokesperson officially confirmed that the two would no longer be co-workers.

‘Kevin will no longer be on set. He is out of the office and has no reason to be around anymore — He is out as EP,’ one insider also shared with HollywoodLife.


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