Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Offset"s Alleged Former Side Chick, Cuban Doll Loses Her Phone And Consciousness During Her Birthday Party - Here"s The Video Showing Her Passed Out - kkccb.net

You may have heard of Cuban Doll after she was involved in one of the biggest scandals in the hip-hop community not that long ago. Rumors said that she and Offset hooked up, but Cuban has denied everything.

On the other hand, Summer Bunni almost had Cardi B divorce from Offset.

Hot New Hip Hop online magazine reminds readers that the two ladies, Cuban and Summer, have been feuding at one point, and during their feud, text messages have been released and they were showing Offset willing to have some fun with both of them.

Anyway, Cardi and Offset managed to fix things, and now they’re together and happier than ever.

Cuban Doll celebrated her 21st birthday during the past weekend and now that the lady has the legal age to consume alcohol she made sure to have a blast.


Cuban ended up unconscious at her own party, ‘while her friend captured the classy moment, showing her passed out on the pavement in her shiny pink bikini,’ as the online publication mentioned above notes. You can check out the video for yourselves.

‘Y’all wanna see a dead body,’ asks Cuban’s friend. The rapper started to regain consciousness, as her friend was trying to get her back on her feet.

Cuban said that she lost her phone at the party and she’s offering a reward to whoever finds it.

Someone said ‘Not the phone omg 🤣🤣😭 !!! Everyone knows if u lose your phone you had a GREAT NIGHT.’

Another follower criticized her friends: ‘You have some weird friends, who tf just lets you lay there like that and your phone is missing ??? You need to get new friends 💯’

A fan said ‘The folks recording and taking pics of you, should have put your phone up for you. At least that’s what I and my friend do if we get drunk like that.’

Well, there’s nothing left to be said, other than Happy Birthday, Cuban Doll!


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