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Jordyn Woods Drops Her New Sports Apparel Collection And Fans Are Proud Of Her -

Jordyn Woods is definitely securing the bag, as some fans said. She dropped her sports apparel new collection and fans are here for it.

The fact that she included women with disabilities in her project has made fans respect her even more and they told her this in the comments section.

Jordyn has been living her best life these days and her fans said that since she left the Kardashian clan, everything seems to be going perfect for her and she’s flourishing.

Check out her post on social media.

‘Today my new collection drops and I am so proud of it. This campaign was very special to me, we did a model casting call and had such an amazing response from over 2,000 people. It was so difficult to make a decision but I narrowed it down to five beautiful women with very unique stories!!! I hope you guys can all enjoy something from the collection @secndnture 🖤 10 am PCT’ Jordyn captioned her post.

Source: Instagram

A friend of hers told Jordyn, ‘So so so so proud of you. Keep shining, rising and being unapologetically you. Love you 💛’

A follower said ‘She is doing great things now she on her own. Every disappointment is a blessing and a silver lining.

One fan told people: ‘Now black folks go support this young lady same way ya’ll be supporting the Kardashians with your coinz #challenge.’

Someone else posted ‘Including women with disabilities. That’s badass, girl; thank you,’ and another fan agreed that what Jordyn did is great: ‘Wow!! No one has ever done this.’

A commenter posted: ‘this inclusivity is amazing ✨ keep going mamas.’

Someone else told Jordyn: ‘Now I see why the dramatic move from Kylie, it’s because you wanted us to recognize you for your work and not just as Kylie’s best friend…#smartmove 😉’

Congratulations, Jordyn, on your new collection!


Blac Chyna Is Meeting Her Fans At The Drag Con LA 2019 Starting Today -

If you wanted to meet Blac Chyna and never had the occasion, you could do it starting today because she will be at the Drag Con LA 2019. She’s offering more details in her recent social media post.

‘The news is out! Meet me at my booth ❤️ I will be bringing @lashedcosmetics. @rupaulsdragcon LA 2019! I can’t wait to see all of your faces so make sure to snatch tickets now before they are gone! #DragCon,’ Chyna announced her fans and followers.

The comments section got flooded with heart emojis and kind words for Dream Kardashian and King Cairo’s mom.

For instance, someone said, ‘She is an amazing model. Love her work.’

Anyway, the most important thing for which Chyna has recently been in the spotlight is that she finally made up with her mom.

As you know, they have been feuding online for quite a while, and a recent event led to these two ladies reuniting and publicly professing their love for one another.

It all started from the interview that Chyna had with Wendy Williams. During her interesting interview with Wendy, the host touched more sensitive subjects such as Tyga and Rob Kardashian, but Chyna addressed them all.

Tokyo Toni Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To Blac ChynaSource: Capital XTRA

At one point, Chyna said that she is planning a docu-series and she’d like her mom to be part of it.

This resulted in her mother making a video and saying that she would definitely love to be in China’s series, and that was all.

In a couple of days, Chyna was already posting many pics and videos with her mom, publicly saying that she loves her.

Needless to say, fans were in awe, and they hope that these two will never fight again.


Tamar Braxton Remembers The Good Times She Used To Have With Her Family On Their Show - See Tamar Singing At Her Mom"s Dog"s Funeral -

Tamar Braxton is feeling pretty melancholic these days. She shared a couple of clips from the Braxton Family Values show, and she said that she’s missing the good time that they used to have together.

In the video, Tamar is singing at the funeral of her mother’s pooch.

‘My friend @justjameis sent this to me, and it reminded me of how happy this show used to be and how we used to have soooo much FUN!! It’s Sad Gabe, that u aren’t here 😔but the memories, I’ll cherish forever as family as we were, when it was Pure laughter, REAL, & FUN!! 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m so grateful 🌟#dingalingofgold💫’ Tamar captioned her post which includes two clips.

Fans loved to see these videos again, and they made sure to tell this to Tamar.

Tamar BraxtonSource:

Someone said ‘When you were singing at your Mom’s dog Funeral…best one😆😆’ and another commenter posted: ‘A classic, a timeless song that deserved a Grammy.’

One other follower wrote ‘Idk what’s funnier, the fact that u had your sisters sing the song with u or Trina’s face. 😂😂’

One of Tamar’s followers said ‘Baby that Dingaling Of Gold have you slashing tires, busting out windows and writing bad checks!! Ion (no typo) want it! 😂😂’

One fan joked and told Tamar this: ‘God anointed you to write this!! For such a time as this!! 😌☝🏾’

Another fan was cracking up in the comments section and said: ‘This song had me dying. I’m like how in hell can they make something so funny sound so good. I love you, ladies, and sisterhood is everything.’

Tamar was recently in the spotlight after she shared a hot video from the beach with her boo, David Adefeso in which they were cuddling and showing off their toned bodies.


Kenya Moore"s Fans Argue With Her For This Reason - See Her Video -

Kenya Moore shared a video on her social media account which has fans laughing their hearts out. Kenya used the baby filter, and now she says she looks just like baby Brooklyn.

It seems that Kenya’s fans don’t agree at all. They say that baby Brooklyn Daly definitely looks like her dad.

Someone said ‘We love you Kenya, but Brooklyn looks like her daddy 🤷🏾‍♀️’ and another fan agreed and had an idea: ‘She looks like her dad … do it on her dad lol.’

Another commenter said ‘No worries Kenya the next baby will look like you 🤷🏾‍♀️’ and another commenter said ‘Yes are still beautiful but sorry she still looks like her daddy ❤️❤️ Lol.’

A person posted: ‘Looks like what I picture Brooklyn looking like in about twenty-five years from now.’

Entertainment Tonight

Someone else said ‘It’s a tie! But I definitely see you all over her Kenya. Your mommy’s side of the fam right now! ❤❤❤’

One person believes that this is how baby Brooklyn will look like when she’s older: ‘That’s exactly how Brooklyn going to look at that age. Beautiful baby girl! 🦋’

Another follower said that ‘She’s a mixture of both parents, but she definitely looks more like daddy.’

Kenya found herself in hot water not too long ago after she shared a photo of Claudia Jordan, claiming that the lady doesn’t wear any makeup.

Fans slammed her because Claudia was wearing a bit of makeup even if it was a natural look.


Porsha Williams Returns To The Ultimate Women"s Expo On June 1-2 -

Porsha Williams was excited to announce her fans that she will be returning to the Women’s Expo On June 1-2. When she was invited as a guest speaker again, her fans praised her and said that she was a true inspiration and that she managed to express some pretty uplifting ideas.

‘So excited to return to @uwexpo on Saturday, June 1st! It’s always a fantastic weekend of #beauty #fashion #popupshops #diy and more. And don’t forget to pop up at our Go Naked Hair pop-up shop on both days! #AtlantaWomensExpo #ultimatewomensexpo,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Porsha Williams Celebrates Two Months Since Pilar Jhena Came Into The World - She Makes Fans Happy With Gorgeous New PicsSource:

Someone gushed over Porsha and said: ‘Porsha I am so very proud of you. You have yet to prove your haters wrong. Every time they throw you a snake to bit you, just turn it into a T- Bone Steak with all the toppings. When they aim low, you keep aiming high. #Team Porsha #keep #Winning💪💪💪💯’

Another follower posted: ‘Omgeee I just watched Porshas having a baby & I laughed all the way through .😂 you are officially my fav housewife congrats 💕’

Other than this, Porsha just celebrated two months since baby Pilar Jhena came into the world.

She also made sure to make her own mom feel special with a surprise that she had prepared for her.

She gifted her mom a lovely bouquet of flowers but it came with a catch: all the flowers were wrapped in dollar bills.

Her mom was really impressed by the gesture and by the fact that Porsha did this ‘just because.’


Kandi Burruss" Throwback Pics With Her Graduation Surprise Fans Due To Her Looks -

Kandi Burruss just said that if it’s graduation season, she thought of posting some of her own graduation pics on social media for her fans and followers. People were shocked because of Kandi’s looks.

Check out the photos, and you’ll understand why. The woman looks pretty much the same as she did back then! She’s definitely aging in reverse.

‘Since this is the season for High School graduations I decided to post a #TBT from my high school graduation! 👩🏾‍🎓 #tricitieshighschool,’ Kandi captioned her post.


Someone said, ‘Still looks the same!! Wow! Black don’t crack 🤣,’ and another follower claims that they were there ‘Wooooow I was somewhere near the back row…preggo scared to tell my parents😂.’

Another follower also believes that she looks the same as back then: ‘Wow, you still look the same; you just refuse to age.’

One commenter posted: ‘The one off to the right looking hard…that’s the look we all had at The Dungeon! Yesssss 😍’

Speaking of the racy show, Kandi and her crew are getting ready for this weekend.

Tamar Braxton, who is a guest star on Tamar’s show, is still going strong and not too long ago, she revealed for her fans that the next weekend would be fire.

Check out the message that she shared for fans on her social media account.

‘Yoooooooo it’s the last weekend for the #kandidungeonparty, and I can feel it in my spirit that @Kandi @trinarockstarr @shamaridevoe @iamsodeelishis and I are about to have historic, EPIC, turn up and showOUT shows!!! See ya there💕#stlouis #dallas #houston let’s goooooooooo🔥’ Tamar captioned her post on social media.

Kandi responded to Tamar and said that indeed this weekend’s performance would be lit.


YFN Lucci Shooting: Video Of Gunshots Fired During Lucci"s Video Shoot Surface - Watch It Here -

A frightening video just surfaced online showing the shooting of a clip for YFN Lucci when gunshots are fired. This is all the info available on the matter at the moment.

The Shade Room shared the video, and they captioned their post with the following words:

‘We’re hoping YFN Lucci, and anyone else involved is okay after video surfaces showing gunshots erupting in the middle of Lucci’s video shoot in Atlanta with #LilZayOsama last night. As of now, there is no information on suspects or if there were any injuries.’

As expected, fans freaked out in the comments.

Someone noted, ‘There are kids there! This is not okay at all’ and a person said: ‘this what Reginae meant when she said he doesn’t make her feel safe 😩😩😩😩😩’ referring at Reginae Carter, Lucci’s GF.

One other commenter said ‘This is why Toya is so protective Nae,’ and someone noted ‘Damn they at Lucci’s neck…Second time in 2 weeks.’

Another follower agreed and said ‘Someone clearly wants him dead,’ and one other person has a piece of advice for Nae: ‘Run Regine! Somebody got a hit on Lucci…two times in two weeks….Hell nah.’

It was reported not too long ago that Lucci’s car got shoot at.

Back then, TSR also reported that Lucci’s vehicle was shot up in Atlanta in a drive-by shooting. The horrifying event reportedly left one person in the car injured, but according to the reports, it was not Lucci.

Reginae’s fans and also Toya’s freaked out then and they said that Nae should definitely leave the rapper. They also said that now they understand why Toya doesn’t like her daughter’s BF.

Let’s hope that everyone is alright and Lucci is not in some kind of trouble.


Tamar Braxton And Her BF Pack On The PDA In A Hot Video - She"s Showing Off Her Amazing Beach Body And David Gets Flirty In The Comments -

Tamar Braxton’s latest video has fans going crazy with excitement because of two things. First of all, she’s showing off some really toned abs and her beach body is amazing. Secondly, she’s packing on the PDA with her boo, David Adefeso.

He’s also making sure to show off his buff chest for the camera. You can check out the pair in the video that Tamar showed off on her social media account.

Here’s how Tamar captioned her post: ‘it’s hard to date and try to be cute when u have a 5-year-old who is CLEARLY not playing with you😩😩😂😂 🥂🍾cheers to the weekend 💕 y’all be safe and have a ball😘I’ll be at the #kandidungeonparty 🤸🏾‍♂️🔥’


David said: ‘I can’t ever get enough of those yummy juicy tasty lips…in public or private…mwaaaah!!❤️❤️’

One commenter brought up Vincent Herbert: ‘meanwhile Vince at home with his sunglasses looking like he did at Logan graduation.’

Someone else said ‘Logan said he ain’t with that shit David, keep it cute 🤣🤣🤣’

One follower posted: ‘Y’all look sooo in love and I’m LOVINGGG it. Beyond happy for you Tay💙’

Another commenter gushed over Tamar and said: ‘That’s a mom and hilarious hahah Logan looking at us hahahah ayye one eye on him one eye on the man ahhahaha love it – it takes a lot for me to love Tammy moments hahah js 😹😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️’

Fans are thrilled to see Tamar happy and doing great because yesterday she worried them.

Logan’s mom managed to worry some of her fans with the latest video that she shared on her social media account.

She’s not wearing any makeup and she is telling fans that whenever she’s not feeling okay she gets a patch on her eye.

On the other hand, she was flaunting a drink that her sister Toni Braxton gave her which led people to believe that she’s not that sick after all.


Gabrielle Union Is Bathing In The Fountain Of Youth In Her Latest Photos And Here Is Why Fans Are Tired Of It -

Gabrielle Union is constantly breaking the Internet with her stunning photo shoots, and fans are telling her that they are tired because it is not fair — she looks like she is about 17 years old.

On Wednesday, Kaavia’s ageless mother took to social media and she posted a few pictures where she debuted sexy new braids.

The talented actress showed off the gorgeous new hairstyle in a series of pictures where she is wearing a white lace dress.

Fans are in awe of how insanely youthful Gabrielle looks and they want her to give the address to the fountain of youth she has been bathing in.

One supporter told the beauty: “She’s freeeeeeeee and gorgeous ❤️. Here for this!!!!! Shawty swing my way braids. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥❤️”

Another fan revealed: “Oh, wow!! My jaw has dropped like an anvil was in my mouth! Like, if there were Majestic mountain ranges who were sentient, even THEY would be jealous of your picturesque beauty!!😍😍From one Nebraskan lil black girl to another, YOU ARE GOALS! Pure happiness looks BEAUTIFUL on you. He did THAT! 💜🙏🏾”

This follower told Dwyane Wade’s wife: “Happy looks are so good on you! I want some braids now. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Are ya tired? Tired of swimmin’ in that fountain of youth? Save me a spot paalleeeaassseee!!!😂😍😍”

A fan told the gorgeous filmmaker: “Looove these braids! You look so pretty 💕💕I swear you just get more beautiful!! Like you were always pretty, but good #dwade lovin’ and that delicious #shadybaby took you to the next level ma!!!”

Meanwhile, Gabrielle is praising another goddess — Naomi Campbell: “Today’s #WCW is @naomi. I 1st met Naomi almost 20 years ago in the lobby of a hotel in Milan, and she asked me, a total stranger, if I had a hot comb. I diiiiiiid 🤗 and ran up to my room and grabbed it and brought back down to her. From that moment forth, I’ve run into Naomi all over the world, and we greet each other with soul hugs and smiles. Her generation declared her a supermodel making her just 1 of 6 to receive that title at the time. She is winner of the prestigious CFDA Fashion Icon Award, amongst countless other awards and honors. And today is this beauty’s birthday! Everyone, please wish @naomi a happy happy birthday. Let us lift her in the light of goodness and hold her there.”

Gabrielle looks very happy with her new title, mother.


Porsha Williams Shares Gorgeous Pictures As Baby Pilar Jhena McKinley Celebrates Being 2 Months Old -

Baby PJ is officially two months old, and she is the one giving gifts to her fans and posing with mom Porsha Williams.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media where she posted a series of gorgeous photos that melt hearts.

One features baby Pilar Jhena Mckinley all curled up and wrapped up in a purple blanket. In another picture, she is sleeping on a giant moon. Dennis McKinley’s baby daughter was showered with love by fans.

One supporter stated: “Too cute the way she looks like her daddy. You my favorite person to watch on tv, always a smile on your face ❤️❤️❤️She’s so beautiful may she always see beyond her desires and receive what she sees. May the world remain on her shoulder. May God always lift her up. ❤️🙏🏾❤️”

Another Instagram auntie wrote: “Uhhhh don’t y’all be in the comments coming for my niece Ain’t Playing with all of you! 😂 My Sis Porsha is Slaying Motherhood like she’s Slaaaaaaying our lives hunni. 🔥💯”

This fan shared: “She is growing sooooo fast, watch out she could be moving out the way for the next one. Porsha idk but she looks like she can fit right into my family… 🤗 let me know if you want to sign her papers over to me 😂Precious indeed! Just take my little heart and pour hot milk on it! 😍She’s beautiful Porsha! I’m so happy for you! Everyone deserves love and happiness like this! You deserve it, Sis!! Njoy!!”

In a new interview, Dennis revealed that he is deeply in love with Porsha and added: “Besides her being beautiful, she is just down to earth. I know she seems funny on the show, but she is really just like that in person. She is funny, and a lot of fun, and we just clicked. We became best friends, and it felt easy, natural.”

He went on to say: “When two people both want the same thing, it’s an amazing place to be. We were honest with each other from the beginning, and we talked about everything. Once we decided to be together, we talked about our pasts because we knew people were going to come out of the woodwork from both our pasts, but we both knew it and were prepared.”

Porsha is raising a little star.


KUWK: Kim Kardashian Is ‘Embarrassed’ By Her Mistake After Social Media Mom-Shames Her For Risking Newborn"s Life -

According to a new insider report, Kim Kardashian is really embarrassed after people mom-shamed her for putting her newborn son, Psalm at risk of losing his life. As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians may know, the reality TV star took to social media to post a super cute pic of her latest family member.

However, the fact that there were blankets and other accessories in the crib caused fans to worry that he could have suffocated.

In fact, even a pediatrician told her that the crib should only have a firm mattress and nothing else to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Another user, claiming that they are an ER doctor, said: ‘Please please please go pay an overpriced ‘sleep consultant’ to get all of that unnecessary padding, bumpers, blankets out of your baby’s crib so he is not at risk for SIDS. I have tried and failed to resuscitate way too many children that have died this way.’

Now, one source close to Kim says that the mother of four was ‘mortified’ to see all of that criticism from specialists and fellow moms.

They told HollywoodLife that ‘She was actually more embarrassed by the backlash as she would never do anything knowingly to harm any of her children. She is going to avoid all the hate that it has brought and instead learn from it moving forward and put Psalm in the safest environment possible.’

While she has definitely learned her lesson, some commenters thought she should have known all of that already so they shamed her for not knowing there should be ‘nothing’ else in the crib despite having four kids!


T.I. Explains How He Went From The "Crack House To The White House" Using This Video After Posting A Tear-Jerking Conversation On Late Sister Precious Harris" Birthday -

Activist and rapper T.I. penned a sweet message to his late sister, Precious Harris, on her birthday that made fans tear up.

Tiny Harris’ husband has an open and emotional conversation with Precious where he gives her an update on the entire family including his children — Zonnique, Majesty, Domani, Deyjah, King and Major who are hitting important milestones.

He thanked Precious for her contribution and told his niece, Kamaya, he will be there for her.

T.I.P. wrote: “Happy Birthday sis!!!! We still celebrating your life & legacy, all while missing the shit out you at the same time. I try my best to smile knowing you’re at peace, rather than selfishly complaining about my pain. I feel like a hater crying cause you’re not here when I KNOW you’ve been promoted to your rightful position. YOU EARNED THAT!!!! Your contributions to Atlanta, to the generations & to THIS family are immeasurable & WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! Me & Kareem finally on good terms & speaking again… can u believe that shit?!?! Kamaya still having a tough time but she gon be straight, I GOT HER…On Pops!!! Major’s doing great in school still thanx to Auntie Precious Academy… Bryce building apps and making moves in LA now. Deyjah just graduated high school last week and Domani a$s is actually gon graduate tomorrow🤯…King thinks he grown as sh*t and trying to call his own shots as usual. Me & Tameka still doing what WE DO…like only WE CAN. My mama just went to a Shirley Caesar concert & said, “Precious would’ve loved this…She got down!!!” Messiah’s moving out into his own place & Niq Niq already grown as hell too. On Mother’s Day, we gave a scholarship away in your name on Vh1, and we plan to do so every year. I thank God for all the knowledge, wisdom, guidance, love & laughter you blessed US ALL with. We Love You Forever!!! #LongLivePrecious.”

T.I. is also celebrating the fact that he came from the “crack house” to the White House. He wrote: “Simply Serendipity. 😂😭🤣 #FromTheCrackHouseToTheWhiteHouse.”

One person said: “What a beautiful tribute! May her spirit rest upon your hearts today! ❤️ Happy Birthday in heaven Soror Precious, you’ve received the greatest gift ever 🎁 – that of eternal life! 🙏🏽”

Another commenter added: “Aww I really really Love and adore Auntie Precious. He spoke just like he was talking to his sister and I can’t believe it wasn’t with all the extra big words he uses.. this was perfect. 🙏🏽 My prayers are with you all. Keep it up, T.I.P. 😘💪”

This supporter claimed: “This post is beautiful! Happy birthday to your sister! You KNOW she’s with all of you every day in spirit! ❤️”

T.I. is always thoughtful.


Dionne Warwick Calls The Whitney Houston Hologram Plans "Stupid" -

Dionne Warwick is not too happy about the Whitney Houston hologram tour plans. The music legend was in attendance at the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America’s 1st Annual Second Chance Digital Impact Recipient Awards and while there, she chatted with ET about the news that Whitney, who was her cousin, would go on tour again in the form of a hologram.

When she was asked about it, the 78-year-old responded that ‘I haven’t a clue as to what that is. It’s surprising to me. I do not know what it is. I think it is stupid, but whatever it is that is what it is.’

As fans of the late singer may know, it was reported that Whitney’s estate has been planning on launching some brand new projects, including developing a hologram of her to go on tour.

The star passed away at the age of 48 back in 2012 and many people who didn’t get the opportunity when she was alive, would love to see her on tour, one way or another.

Whitney’s former manager and sister in law, Pat Houston shared via New York Times that the hologram is being worked on and it’s ‘taken precedence over everything.’

Warwick also discussed her previous statement about Beyonce not really being at the ‘icon’ level in her career.

The legend admitted that she is a fan of Queen Bey but argued that her career might not be comparable to the ones of people like Patti LaBelle and Frank Sinatra.

‘Everyone who I consider icons in the industry they have worked really hard and they’ve garnered the support of people who’ve supported them over the years. There’re one or two, or 10 or 12, or 20 years – and we are talking about 60, 70, 80 years people who really earned that status,’ she explained.


Kim Kardashian Reveals How Kanye West"s Sunday Service Gets "Magical" On Occasion -

Kanye West is visibly dedicated to his weekly Sunday Service project, something which he has been acting on with quite a lot of energy recently.

And it looks like nothing can get in the way of his motivation, even natural forces, as Kim Kardashian revealed that the latest “edition” of her husband’s project was met with rainy weather.

That did nothing to stop Kanye from performing as planned, though, and many people in attendance shared words of praise for the rapper and his dedication to his service.

Kim herself also seems quite proud of what her husband has been doing, and she has not been shy to share pictures and videos of his performance online for all their fans to see.

Kim said: “There’s so many videos from today’s Sunday service. I want to share with you guys.”

She added: “The rain forced us inside, but it was magical. No mics, no band, no speakers, but it was perfect. Not a dry eye in the room today. The choir sang Sia’s Elastic Heart song and changed the words to a gospel song.”

Some were questioning whether Kanye would continue with his act after certain recent incidents, but at this point, there is no doubt about it — the fashion designer is visibly quite determined to keep moving in that direction, and to contribute even more to the society around him.

There have been some confusing comments about his long-term plans from some sides, but it looks like he fully knows what he is doing, and he has an idea for the future.

Kim said this about the services: “It’s just music; there’s no sermon. It’s definitely something he believes in — Jesus — and there’s a Christian vibe. But there’s no preaching. It’s just a very spiritual Christian experience.”

Still, it does look like he might be forced to make some changes to the general arrangement at some point, at least if he wants to deal with the curveballs Mother Nature is throwing his way.

However, from everything fans have seen, Kanye has all the motivation he needs in order to keep pushing forward, and he will keep going at it.

Kim is very present when it comes to supporting her husband. The services might have given him a purpose.


Selena Gomez Weighs In On Anti-Abortion Heartbeat Bills And Bans -

Selena Gomez is weighing in on the anti-abortion Heartbeat bills and bans that are sweeping the nation. Sharing her opinions on her Instagram page, Selena spoke to her 15o million followers and not only stated that a woman should choose what she does with her body, but encouraged fans to make a donation to their local Planned Parenthood.

Selena’s post has been met with both praise and criticism. While many who are pro-choice and believe it is a woman’s decision and right to choose whether or not she has an abortion, Selena’s words were met with plenty of support.

Some of Selena’s Christian followers are also pro-life and were disappointed that Selena supports Planned Parenthood and encouraged her followers to support them as well.

You may read Selena’s post about the Heartbeat bills and abortion bans below.

To see what is happening right now in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and several other states in our country is not only deeply upsetting but seems that it can’t possibly be real in 2019. It’s no one’s business what a woman chooses to do with her body. End of story. If you want to help fight this, click on the link in my bio to find out how you can volunteer or make a donation.”

Those who disagreed with Selena’s post pointed to her profile description and stated that she was being hypocritical.

Selena’s profile reads as follows.

“Light, space, zest -that’s God. With him on my side I’m FEARLESS, afraid of no one and nothing. A21 global anti human trafficking organization”

Many people said that she could not say that God was on her side while promoting Planned Parenthood and abortion. There was no question that many of Selena’s pro-life supporters were upset.

One pro-life fan stated, “An unborn baby is not your body.”

Another fan wrote the following remark.

“What “God” are you talking about in your bio if you believe that having an abortion and killing babies are okay?”

Selena didn’t address any of the pro-life fans and hasn’t spoken out about the subject since.

What do you think? Do you agree with Selena that God is on her side while she stands for abortion rights or do you agree with the pro-life followers who disagree with her beliefs?


Geoffrey Rush Scores $2 Million In Defamation Lawsuit With Australian Newspaper -

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Geoffrey Rush just received compensation for his defamation lawsuit involving the publisher of The Daily Telegraph as well as the journalist who worked for them, Jonathon Moran.

Two stories and a poster published in 2017, accused Geoffrey of being a pervert, who used his power and influence in the acting community to try and seduce young women. The Academy Award-winning performer, Geoffrey Rush, was given an Australian record-breaking amount of $2,000,000 for the suit.

The judge overseeing the case, Justice Michael Wigney, found that Nationwide News took serious liberties with their story in an attempt to make the story as salacious as possible. The damage done to Rush’s career was palpable.

Eryn Jean Norvill worked alongside Geoffrey Rush in the theater production of King Lear in 2016 and 2015; she portrayed the daughter of Rush’s character.

Wigney awarded the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor approximately $850,000 Australian dollars for the damage, as well as $42,302 in interest, moreover, the Justice wants to acquire even more on account of a loss in earnings as a consequence of not getting work.

On Thursday, today, the judge awarded Rush another $2 million in Australian dollars for his troubles. The journalist, as well as the publisher, are now appealing the verdict. In 2018, Rush said he would settle for an apology and $50,000 AUD, however, the newspaper didn’t respond to his request.

Previously, Rebel Wilson, in 2017, won a suit in an Australian court for damages, however, the damages were reduced by 90% following an appeal. Rebel was initially given $4.7 million in Australian dollars.

Orange Is The New Black actress, Yael Stone, was announced as one of the potential witnesses involved in Rush’s case, however, she wasn’t permitted to testify against him.

During a conversation with The Times, Stone insinuated Rush had acted inappropriately toward her and other women during their time working together on a Sydney Stage in 2010, in the production of The Diary Of A Mad Man. 


50 Cent’s Estranged Son Shades Him - ‘He Owes Me Money Too’ -

The rapper has been the one asking for his money to be returned from a number of different people who owed him but this time around, it looks like he might be the one in debt.  50 Cent’s son, Marquise Jackson decided to troll his dad by claiming that he ‘owes me some money too’’

The father and the son have been feuding for a while and this would definitely not be the first time they call each other out on social media.

It all started with the 21-year-old posting a birthday tribute for sister Mia Jaè earlier today and in the comment section, Blue Mountain State star Page Kennedy did not leave his wishes but instead commented: ‘Yo tell yo pops to pay me my money son.’

If you expected him to defend his father or just ignore the comment you would be wrong because Marquise took this opportunity to reveal that ‘S**t he owe me some money too 🤷🏾‍♂️😂.’

Obviously, Page did not expect that to be his response either since he replied with a simple: ‘Oh.’

That’s definitely a big turn of events that 50 owes people money since he’s been so vocal about others having debts to him and pressuring them to pay him back.

Marquise has shaded his dad before as well.

He once slammed 50  after the rapper attacked his ex and Marquise’s mom, Shaniqua Tompkins in a post.

As the woman was getting ready to have a reality TV show, her ex joked that ‘you starting to look a little thirsty you ok?’ and also ‘Child support ls over😟.’

In defense of his mom, Marquise clapped back at his dad, saying ‘And y’all wonder why I do not respect him as a man or a father? You had a good run but it is over big fella lol it has been a decade. You are 40+ you can grow up any day now.’ Yikes!


Emilia Clarke Says She Turned Down Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Due To A Fear Of Potentially Harming Her Career -

According to a report from, Emilia Clarke turned down starring in the Fifty Shades Of Grey films because she didn’t want to appear nude on the movie theater screen.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Thursday, the 32-year-old said to reporters that she passed on the role of Anastasia Steele because she felt as though she would be “pigeonholed” by nudity, something which was already her fear because of Game Of Thrones.

Perhaps the more common name for this phenomenon in Hollywood is “type-casting,” in other words, the idea that a person is forever slated to stay in certain kinds of roles, usually the ones they came to prominence in.

For instance, Mark Hamill came to prominence in the Star Wars films as Luke Skywalker, and he was never able to get work in films as the leading star ever again. On the other hand, Harrison Ford managed to avoid this fate, going on to becoming one of the biggest actors of all time.

Clarke said to journalists that she wanted the role in Fifty Shades of Grey, and she loves Sam Taylor-Johnson’s work, however, she feared being nude in the film would irreparably harm her career because she’s a “woman.” Emilia said she is tired of continuously talking about her nude role when she did it for the character, Daenerys Targaryen.

Clarke said she didn’t want to be in a situation where people would ask her about nudity for the rest of her life and her career. During an issue of Marie Clarie from 2015, Clarke addressed Fifty Shades again, saying that she didn’t want to do nudity.

As it was previously reported, Game Of Thrones ended its reign on HBO on Sunday night, and now that it’s over, she’d like to have a job doing something completely different. Clarke said she really doesn’t want to act in sequels, but didn’t explain the reasoning why.

Clarke’s next role will be in the adaption of the book written by Joe Sharkey, Above Suspicion.


George Clooney Recalls The Time He Nearly Lost His Life In A Motorcycle Crash -

According to a report from Us Weekly, George Clooney thought he was close to dying on his motorcycle when he crashed a year ago in July of 2018. The actor opened up with The Hollywood Reporter recently in an issue published on the 22nd of May, Wednesday, and said the incident “was bad,” when he crashed into a Mercedes while on his motor scooter in Italy.

Clooney claims he was driving at 7-miles per hour and it even split his helmet in half and knocked him out of his shoes as well. “I was hit hard,” the 58-year-old actor explained.

George said to The Hollywood Reporter that he broke the guy’s windshield with his head, so he had to let go of riding his motorcycle for a while.

The incident which nearly cost him his life convinced George that he didn’t need to ride a motorcycle anymore, especially considering he and his wife, Amal, just welcomed twins into the world. As it was previously reported, George was shooting his series on Hulu, Catch-22, in Italy, when he crashed on his motorcycle and nearly died.

The actor said that a vehicle pulled out in front of him and he broke his helmet right in half. A police officer in Olbia said to Us Weekly that the driver knew right away it was his fault because he wasn’t respecting the rules of the road.

The ER alum once joked that his wife, Amal Clooney, forbids him from riding a motorcycle after the crash. “I’m not allowed to ride the motorcycles” anymore the Hollywood star explained. Amal and George got married in July of 2014 and he shares their 23-month-old twins with her, Alexander and Ella.

In a report from Glamour Magazine from 2017, George Clooney said he just sold a company for a billion dollars and didn’t need any more money, so he decided it was time to quit acting.

George said he’s no longer the “guy that gets the girl,” because he’s in his late 50s, or rather, at least he “shouldn’t be” the guy who gets the girl.


Shayna Taylor Shows Off Her Sizzling Curves In Alluring Bathing Suit Pictures -- They Prove That Ryan Seacrest Is A Distant Memory -

Shayna Taylor has not been shy to show off her body while she enjoys a nice and relaxing vacation in Tulum.

Recent pictures of the model showed her looking quite well and walking around the beach in a confident pose.

Some fans commented that she looks quite comfortable despite the absence of her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest.

It has been several months since the two broke up, and while some of Taylor’s fans apparently expected her to want to take him back quickly after their separation, that does not appear to be the case.

If anything, Taylor looks quite well without Seacrest by her side, and she might even be determined to show him that she is not missing him at all.

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Love this magic place 🌴✨

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At least that is how some of her fans have been interpreting the recent photos that have been circulating the Internet.

It does look like Taylor is having quite a good time on her own, and she has apparently been working hard on her body in the meantime as well.

Moreover, the results are quite obvious — so obvious, in fact, that she has been turning many heads at the Tulum beaches.

Seacrest himself does not seem to be missing the relationship too much either on the other hand, as he recently confirmed that he was available during a talk show.

Some of his fans expected him to be the one to initiate a reunion between the two, but that is not the case so far.

If anything, Seacrest also seems eager to be moving away from that relationship, and there is no indication that the two might get back together at any point now.

One fan told her: “Ya know some people do not appreciate a solid relationship because it’s all about them and their career!! @ Shaynateresetaylor You deserve MORE!!! Life is too short to put career/$$$ before LOVE!!”

Another commenter stated: “You are always a lady, a beautiful young lady. That stands out in today’s world. You’ll get all of The goodness and love that you put out into this world.💗”

This supporter claimed: “I feel sad for I. Ryan has left so many wonderful ladies like you. He should just be a loner and not break hearts.”

Taylor is winning social media.