Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wendy Williams And Charlamagne Tha God Might Rekindle Their Friendship - He Asked Her Out To Dinner And Fans Are Celebrating - Watch The Video -

Everyone who knows Wendy Williams and Charlamagne Tha God also knows that they have ended their friendship for quite a while. But it seems that now, things might just be about to change.

Not too long ago, Charlamagne said on the radio that he is the one who introduced Kevin Hunter to his mistress, Sharina Hudson ten years ago.

He continued and said that it’s not his fault that things have gone this far in Wendy’s marriage.

Now, during her show, Wendy was happy to let her fans now that Charlamagne called and asked her to dinner.

Fans were ecstatic to hear that these two might repair things between them, especially since Wendy is definitely having a tough time with her divorce and all.

Someone commented ‘He misses their friendship 🧡🧡’ and another fan said ‘This is dope!!! Happy for them both. Kelvin is somewhere punching the air.’

One person told people that ‘If you used to listen to Wendy and Charlemagne on the radio back in the day then you know this an AMAZING thing 🙌🏽’

Another follower said that ‘Wendy is taking her power back yeaaaa!’

One other happy person posted this: ‘The unity of Black people is slowly & surely starting to happen. It’s been well on the rise. This is beautiful.’

Someone else stated that ‘It’s times like this you need good people around you. Shout out to him for reaching out to her.’

Frankly, it’s great to see that Wendy receives all the support she can get these days after she took an extremely important decision to get her life back from the toxic place she has been into for too long.


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