Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Baby Pilar Wants To "Out-Slay" Her Mother Porsha Williams In Her First Photo Shoot Video -- Here Is Why Dennis McKinley"s Fiancée Is On Cloud Nine - kkccb.net

It looks like it will not take long for Pilar, the baby girl of Porsha Williams, to start feeling comfortable in society.

The girl was reportedly already brought to her first photo shoot by her mother, who was quick to share reports of the event on Instagram.

In fact, Williams used Pilar’s own Instagram to share some photos of the event, captioning them with the baby girl’s “words.”

The TV personality wrote: “Headed to my first photoshoot wish me luck. Wanna out slay my momma 🤫 lol #pilarjhena.”

Williams has been hard at work raising her daughter, and she has been going through some challenging times holding everything together.

According to reports, Williams already has quite a lot of experience as a mother, as she was mostly responsible for the upbringing of her sister, Lauren.

An insider told Hollywood Life: “Porsha Williams is thriving as a new mom. It’s all coming so natural to her, and she’s being very hands-on and doing everything herself. Porsha was very instrumental in helping raise her sister Lauren and has always been really maternal.”

The source added: “Everyone around Porsha has seen how much she’s grown up and matured. Motherhood has made her calmer and more relaxed. It’s totally changed her. She’s telling friends she’s on cloud nine right now and is truly enjoying every waking moment, even though she’s barely sleeping. She just stares at baby Pilar in amazement and thinks she’s just the most beautiful thing on Earth.”

She has been described as being very caring and loving on a regular basis, and it seems like her great strides as a mother came as no surprise to anyone.

Many people around her have reported that she looks and acts more mature than ever, and it seems like having to care for her child has done a lot for her.

Hopefully, she is going to maintain that attitude in the future, as raising a child is a constant endeavor that one cannot slow down on at any point.

However, according to reports from people close to Williams, she has been thrilled with her situation and has constantly expressed positive emotions from the fact that she was a mother.

Also, of course, she has been quite fond of her baby Pilar and has been showering the baby girl with praise.


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