Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rasheeda Frost Comes Through With New Popping Neon Vibes - Some People Would Like To See Her Pulling A Wendy Williams - kkccb.net

Rasheeda Frost keeps knocking her fans off their feet with all kinds of new outfits from her Pressed Boutique. Her followers adore the fact that she’s the one modeling the outfits that she’s selling at her Pressed Boutique.

More than that, if they want to meet Rasheeda, fans know that they can check out her store because most of the times she’s there working.

Fans love that her mom is also working there so if they want to meet the gorgeous ladies they can head over to Pressed.

Now, Rasheeda shared a few new looks, all in neon vibes and her fans are here for this.

Someone commented ‘Yesss ma’am. I see ya living ya snatched life. Gone and be great!!! Looking AMAZING💪🏾👍🏾’

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Let’s get it poppin!!💚💚

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A fan said ‘Ok Rasheeda I like your dresses. Stay beautiful like the queen you are.’

One supporter would like their daughter to model for Rasheeda’s store: ‘So beautiful!! Let me know If you need models!!?? My daughter is 👌💃’

A commenter said ‘Support the bbw @rasheeda. We want to look fly too.’

Someone else seems that they were not able to forget and forgive what Kirk Frost did to Rasheeda and they’re asking her to pull a Wendy Williams and hit Kirk with divorce papers: ‘Get a new man we are ready to see you happy pull a Wendy Williams.’

But most of Rasheeda’s fans have already gotten past that and they like the fact that the couple is still together even after the horrible cheating drama.


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