Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cheryl Burke And Matthew Lawrence Admit Wedding Planning Is "So Stressful" And Share Details About The Big Day -

The happy couple’s big day is right around the corner, but while it’s a very happy event, it also comes with a lot of stress – especially during all the planning that leads to it! Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence opened up about their wedding preparations and were as real as possible!

During an interview for E! News, Lawrence confessed that the planning is ‘a lot, but we’re getting through it.’

The two also revealed the one special thing that they’ll be including into the ceremony!

The dancer, TV host and future bride went on to share that ‘The details that it takes to plan a wedding.  We all know that Mindy Weiss (of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants) is planning it, so I’ve got the best wedding planner in the world, but I somehow feel the need to micromanage. Every time I see Mindy, I’m like, I don’t know how you do this. It’s crazy.’

So even though they have a celebrity wedding planner, the actor still thinks the whole process is really stressful.

‘I’m constantly thinking to myself, ‘Why does everybody go through this right before they’re getting married?’ It’s so stressful.’

But leaving the unpleasant parts of a wedding aside, the two shared some details about the big day, saying that they are going to pay tribute to Burke’s late father at the ceremony by leaving one chair empty for him with a picture of them on it.

And that’s not all! She also hinted at what she’ll dance to at the reception!

‘He [her dad] loved Frank Sinatra. So I’m probably going to want to dance to one of Frank’s songs that he loved.’


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