Sunday, April 7, 2019

Amanda Seyfried’s NSFW Photos Resurface And Fans Come To Her Defense! -

The actress’ explicit but ultimately, private pictures have been spread all over the internet, and instead of getting shamed, fans are totally on her side. Some older NSFW pics of Amanda Seyfried have resurfaced and amid the incident, her supporters are asking everyone to just ‘leave her alone.‘

It is nice to see so much support for a celebrity getting their personal pictures shared online without consent, and a lot of people think the same!

One fan tweeted: ‘What I love about this Amanda Seyfried situation, is the amount of people hyping her up instead of slut-shaming.’

‘I’m sorry they got leaked though, that is a disgusting invasion of privacy. She clearly loved him. That private intimacy SHOULDN’T have been shared,’ another user argued.

Of course, some fans were more practical and tried to help make the scandal go away by asking people to refrain themselves from further sharing the personal pics.

After all, they were not taken for an audience and should have been kept away from the public, but since it happened, the best thing everyone can do is not spread them.

A fan tweeted: ‘It is also a reminder that those photos were more than likely not for everyone to see.  the sake of her privacy, don’t share them! Celebrities are people too!!!’

The positivity kept on pouring with more and more people defending and supporting Amanda.

Here are a few more of the many amazing reactions to the leak: ‘I’m not here for revenge porn. Normal porn is great, revenge porn is mean, ignorant, and in some places ILLEGAL. Leave Amanda Seyfried ALONE.’ / ‘Please report any account posting those Amanda Seyfried images.’ / ‘No person deserves having their sex life made a mockery of especially when those photos were leaked WITHOUT HER CONSENT.’


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