Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Porsha Williams Reveals Fans The Sweetest Photo She"s Ever Seen - It"s With Her Fiance And Daughter - kkccb.net

Porsha Williams is the happiest woman alive since she gave birth to her baby girl, PJ. She has been living her best life and fans cannot wait to see more pics with her and Dennis McKinley’s daughter.

Other than this, Porsha has been feuding with NeNe Leakes online, and there were some things said by both women that have been pretty unpleasant.

Even RHOA’s fans said that they had had enough of these fights and they believe that it’s time the RHOA stars moved to something else.

Anyway, back to sweeter things. Porsha shared the cutest photo with her fiance Dennis holding their baby PJ in his arms, and she said that this is the sweetest photo that she has ever seen.

‘The sweetest picture I’ve ever seen! 😩🥺❤️ My babies @pilarjhena 👶🏽 👨🏾‍🦲 ❤️ #Skin2Skin #DaddysBabyGirl #Family1st #Fiance #MeetTheMckinleys #BlessedAndHighlyFavored #ThankYouLord,’ Porsha captioned the photo.

Someone commented ‘Porsha is finally living the life she always wanted and if you watched her over the years on RHOA. Then you can’t be anything but happy for her ! ❤️❤️😭’

Another follower said ‘This is a prime example of men changing for who they want to be with. They were yelling Dennis this and that. Now, look at him being the best man and father he knows how to be.’

Someone else gushed over Dennis and said ‘Yes skin to skin!!!! I love when the daddies do it too. 🙌🏾😍’

One other commenter posted ‘Now @porsha4real this is a post worthy picture!!! Continue to vibrate higher than your haters! 💙 much love sugga.’

Another supporter congratulated Porsha and told her ‘Congrats @porsha4real!!! Let us know if you have any breastfeeding questions. Our Board Certified Lactation Consultants are happy to help!! You’ve got this mama. 💪🏾’

Fans and followers cannot wait to see more of baby Pilar Jhena McKinley.


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