Monday, April 15, 2019

Reggie Bush Trades Barbs With Karen Civil On Social Media Over GoFundMe Campaign For Nipsey Hussle And Lauren London"s Children -- Here Is What The Feud Did -

A bitter war took place between Reggie Bush and Karen Civil after he announced that he launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Nipsey Hussle’s children.

Reggie had put out a video explaining that he was hoping to get $100,000 for the slain rapper’s two children and Karen came out swinging and demanded that it be taken down because Lauren London and Ermias Joseph Asghedom’s family members did not authorize the move.

The former NFL player clapped back with: “Wait wait wait wait one minute. I just heard about this story I’m sorry, but I must defend myself here. This is beyond me! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN FROM THIS!!!! […] Not sure where this came from or who you spoke to but you must be sadly mistaken if you think we just lost our minds and made up some fake gofundme page.”

In a response to his Instagram, Karen wrote, “You literally had this campaign go up, while he was finally being laid to rest. If you are so compelled for what Nip stood for in his community. Raise that hundred thousand dollars for women who lost their significant other/husband to gun violence and financially cannot provide for their families.”

The pair went on an epic back and forth for several hours, and Reggie eventually took down the GoFundMe page that had raised about $14,000. Note that Reggie had donated $10,000 from his own pocket.

Fans are torn over what Karen did.

One said: “Reggie just tried to do something positive and some of y’all in the comments just had to turn it into a negative like always… 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️”

Another commenter stated: “Reggie didn’t mean any harm by it and who is speaking on behalf of the family? Hard to believe a dude like that would just randomly start a go fund me without being asked or something of that nature. What’s the difference between him doing it and people wanting jay z to do it ??”

This Instagrammer shared: :He was wrong..nothing else to discuss here. Lauren is a very successful actor and model and never needed a gofundme raised for her children…No matter his intent. The family is not asking for charity. He’s soliciting the PUBLIC for money they obviously already have and don’t need without their permission. It’s tacky. He could just donate his own money, but instead, he’s begging on their behalf.:

Was Reggie right or wrong to launch the GoFundMe?


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