Wednesday, April 17, 2019

KUWK: Kris Jenner Would Love If Daughter Kendall Jenner And JFK’s Only Grandson Got Married - Here"s Why! -

After reports that John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, the very handsome Jack Schlossberg has a big crush on Kendall Jenner, one insider reveals the KUWK momager, Kris Jenner, is over the moon about it! Apparently, there’s nothing Kris would want more for her daughter than to marry into the Kennedy family now that she got that idea into her head.

One source shared with HollywoodLife that the matriarch was ‘thrilled’ when she heard about the supposed crush Jack has on Kendall.

Supposedly, Kris is already thinking about marriage and is just in love with the idea of her model daughter marrying Jack.

‘Kris was thrilled when she heard about somebody in the Kennedy family crushing on one of her daughters. She wants to make a connection happen and she’s already making phone calls to figure out how to put Kendall and Jack together,’ the source close to the Kardashians dished.

Kris thinks the 26 year old actor ‘is a very handsome man and loves the idea of joining the Kardashian and Kennedy families together. She’s already been joking that Kendall and Jack would have the most gorgeous babies. Kris hopes that the crush turns into a relationship and more! She loves the idea of it all.’

However, one insider tells the news outlet that Kendall is still very much dating Ben Simmons and they seem pretty happy together while keeping everything about their romance as private as possible.

That being said, the Kar-Jenners like Ben a lot but ‘that is not going to stop Kris from trying to make the connection with Jack happen.’

Kendall would be furious to learn that Kris is meddling, however, since she hates when her mom tries to control her life.

That’s not to say Kendall’s protests will stop Kris in any way – after all, Jack is a Kennedy!


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