Saturday, April 27, 2019

Robert Downey Jr.’s Wife Susan Proud Of How He Turned His Life Around Amid Record Breaking "Avengers: Endgame" Opening Weekend -

Robert Downey Jr.’s fans know all too well that he managed to turn his life around and it is safe to say that the MCU had a lot to do with that. However, his lovely wife, Susan deserves some of the credit as well!

She was the one person that really helped keep him ‘on the straight and narrow path.’

Now, everyone knows him as Iron Man, one of the most iconic heroes of the Marvel Universe and the actor’s life is very different from what it used to be.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Susan is an incredible producer but an even better wife. She has definitely kept Robert on the straight and narrow path for years and has helped build his career to where it currently is at as he deals with a lifetime of recovery.’

The star’s addiction problems and trouble with the law seem far behind him and his wife of 14 years is one of the main reasons why he turned his life around.

The insider went on to tell the news outlet that ‘With her help, Robert has been able to get to this point in his career and forever be known as Iron Man. Robert has only an amazing future in Hollywood with her and she is beyond proud of him and feels this weekend is the culmination of all his hard work.’

Indeed, Avengers: Endgame beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens during its opening day with a new record of $140 million – $150 million and Susan is celebrating the incredible success of the film alongside her husband.

Robert and Susan are the parents of two kids together – 7 year old son Exton and 4 year old daughter Avri.


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