Friday, April 19, 2019

Eva Marcille Breaks Down In Tears While Recalling Kevin McCall Abuse As He"s Arrested For Another Domestic Violence Incident -

Eva Marcille has been honest and open about why she doesn’t want her daughter to see her father Kevin McCall without the proper conditions set in place through the courts. One of the reasons being that he was very abusive towards her in their relationship.

The songwriter hasn’t been stable mentally and financially for quite some time. It was recently revealed that he has been arrested for a domestic violence incident with another woman.

Eva Marcille opened up about her own experience with her child’s father while speaking to Rickey Smiley.

She explained that when she became pregnant with Marley, she didn’t truly know Kevin. The abuse started when she was pregnant and continued on after.

She recalled when she decided enough was enough — it was when the singer hit her while she was holding their baby!

The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star broke down in tears and said that she feels sorry for the new woman who fell victim to Kevin’s abusive ways before sharing the domestic abuse hotline number.

When Eva originally shared her story, she unfairly received backlash for slandering McCall’s name. It got worse when Kevin took to social media to reveal that he wasn’t able to see his daughters in a tearful video message.

However, the tune seems to be changing now as fans flocked to the comments to defend the reality personality.

“And folks judged her because she wanted to keep both her and their daughter safe. It’s a parents DUTY to protect their child even from a parent,” said one.

“Now if he can beat her with a baby in her hand, he can kill her and the baby! It’s best to stay away. He needs help that she can’t give!” added another.

“Y’all knew he was crazy but it always take for multiple victims for you all to accept it,” scolded a social media user.

It’s great to see that Eva is brave enough to share her own story. Hopefully, her statement encourages others to seek help with their own situation


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