Thursday, April 18, 2019

Kandi Burruss Like Kim Kardashian Might Have A Huge Announcement Soon -- Will Todd Tucker"s Wife Go Al The Way? "RHOA" Fans Have Her Back -

Go, Kandi Burruss, you can do this! The businesswoman inspired by Kim Kardashian’s biggest move yet is thinking about becoming a lawyer too.

Kanye West’s wife recently announced that she has plans to pass the bar in 2022 and to achieve that goal she is doing a four-year internship at a law firm in San Francisco.

Kim passed the baby bar yesterday, and while some people were blasting her; Kandi is applauding her and is also inspired to hit those law books and become an attorney in about four years.

Note that Kandi’s daughter, Riley is on her way to becoming a lawyer too — she has been doing an internship in a law firm. Kandi said this after Kim shared the big news: “That is dope! She got me over here thinking about it.”

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One person decided to slam Kim for apparently taking the easy road: “My cousin is in law school, and she is going through so much to become lawyer and this girl about to become one in a day 🙄 makes no sense how do you say one day I want to be lawyer and get it in less than a week nobody mad I’m just saying people work months or years and this girl about to become one must be excellent.”

This person told Kandi: “@kandi don’t u think u have already a lot on our plate I wish I was able to tackle much stuff like u. Yall Mad at Kim because she didn’t struggle like you, your cousin, or other mothers?? Be mad at yourself! There are States With different laws! You wanna do it like her….move to California. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Another supporter shared: “Promise you be like, anything they can do I Can Do Better 😂😂 love that about you. Never mad about a Black woman striving for better.. Just seems a lil sus that somebody like Kim K is the person that got Kandi “thinkin”.do it. You’d make a great lawyer. You win at everything you do.”

This fan revealed: “@kandi Girl, when would you have time to study with all you have going on? It’s not impossible, but you have a lot going on!@kandi she got us all thinking now.@kandi I can see another career under your title babes.”

Will Kandi do it?


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