Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tristan Thompson"s Mother Is Reportedly Pleading With Him To Step Up For His Daughter, True -

Andrea Thompson, Tristan Thompson’s mom, seems to be on the very same page with Khloe Kardashian when it comes to the man’s relationship with his daughter, True. Both women want him to be a father and spend more time with the child.

As you already know by now, things ended pretty badly between Khloe sand Tristan, but this does not mean that he should not be a father to his baby girl.

A source close to this situation knows more and spilled the tea for the online magazine Hollywood Life.

‘Tristan’s mother Andrea has been pleading for both her and Tristan to see more of his daughter, which is why they went to True’s birthday,’ according to the source.

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The same insider said ‘Andrea wants to be a part of True’s life too, and Khloe is very understanding and supportive of this. She wants a relationship with her granddaughter, and it was very important for her to be at the party, especially since Khloe did invite her.’

On the other hand, Khloe definitely wants Andrea to play an important part in True’s life.

‘Khloe feels it’s very important for True to know both sides of her family, despite the fact that her parents are not together. Everyone was very welcoming to Andrea at the birthday party, but it was clear Tristan was uncomfortable,’ the source said.

In other news, Khloe has been posting all kinds of shady messages on her social media account which were definitely targeting Tristan, and the man reportedly hates this.

Khloe’s fans are also telling her to drop the shade and leave the man alone. They want her to get over him already and move on with her life.


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