Saturday, April 27, 2019

Selena Gomez Looks Stunning During Her First Red Carpet Appearance Since Treatment - Health Update! -

Selena Gomez was in attendance at WE Day California last night and it marked her very first red carpet event since her treatment. The star looked not only stunning but also healthy, which is great!

As for the reason why, one insider report claims that she has been focusing on herself, making her health the number one priority.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Selena is looking and feeling better than ever right now, both mentally and physically. She’s really taking care of herself right now first and foremost, and is just focusing on being in the best place she can be.’

selena gomezSource:

Apparently, Selena had certain steps that she followed to get where she is today.

That being said, the insider dished that she has been ‘surrounding herself with a small group of friends she trusts and is also laughing and smiling a lot lately which makes those around her very happy.’

And since she’s been taking care of her mental and physical health, fans are wondering when she’ll make music a priority again.

In other words, when will the star’s fourth studio album be released?

After all, she already announced that it was done back in August so it makes sense that fans have been anxiously waiting for the project to drop.

Another similar question is related to her return to the stage as people obviously really want to see her perform again soon.

The source tells the news outlet that ‘Of course she wants to perform more again, but right now it’ll just be in spurts here and there until she’s feeling 100% ready and making it a point to go to church one if not two times a week. She’s really taking care of herself spiritually as well.’


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