Friday, April 12, 2019

Gayle King Also Thinks Meghan Markle Has Been Treated Unfairly By The Media - Agrees With BFF Oprah Winfrey! -

It seems like Gayle King totally agrees with BFF Oprah Winfrey when it comes to the unfair way in which Meghan Markle has been treated by the media. While in attendance at The Hollywood Reporter’s 9th Annual Powerful People in the Media event, King talked about her best friend’s opinion on her newer friend, the Duchess, and here’s what she had to say!

As you may know, not too long ago, Oprah came to Meghan’s defense, stating that the former Suits actress has been treated in an unfair way in the media, and King commented on that.

King and Markle have been getting closer, and it’s safe to say they are pretty good pals since she was even a guest at her baby shower.

When asked about Oprah’s comments, King said: ‘I don’t think she is being treated fairly, I think she is sweet, she’s loving, she is kind. She is very generous with her time and spirit, and I wish we heard more about that.’

However, the This Morning anchor went on to say that recently, even the tabloids have started to get Markle’s real story after previously portraying her as a demanding person at the palace.

‘She’s doing OK. She is doing alright. We do not have to worry about Meghan and Harry.  They really are going to be just fine,’ King added.

She then made it very clear that pretty much everyone wishes to, one day, interview the royal couple, and that includes her!

‘We’re getting ready to go over to England to shoot some stuff, so I’m really really excited about it. And that’s the thing, who doesn’t love a love story? Who doesn’t love a couple that is in love and having their first baby? I am cheering them both on always, I am very psyched,’ Gayle teased.


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