Sunday, April 14, 2019

Lil Wayne, Where Are You? Toya Wright Drops This Response After Reginae Carter"s Boyfriend, YFN Lucci, Begs Her To Come Back -- See Why Fans Are Not Feeling All Of This Drama -

Where is Lil Wayne? And why is Toya Wright all alone as she tries to protect their daughter?

These are the questions on fans’ minds after his daughter’s boyfriend, YFN Lucci, took to social media to beg Reginae Carter to come back home to her.

The rapper and Reginae have been dating on an off for several months now, and it appears that they recently split once more.

Hoping to get his woman back, YFN Lucci took to social media where he wrote the following message: “Can someone tell my girl I’m sorry and I’m looking for her.”

Toya, who had previously said she was not crazy about the romance, reacted to YFN Lucci’s plea with this message: “I’m at to the store, anybody need something?”

Fans are mocking the grammatical errors in the post and for minding her adult daughter’s business.

One person had this to say: “Who gave you permission to be that beautiful? @colormenae, by the way, @yfnlucci said he is looking for you, and he is SORRY boo go get your man sis 😩Momma tired of this man playing with her baby girl. Little Wayne daughter is this man promo, and she doesn’t even know it. Toya will be disappointed when she gets back to him.”

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Another supporter of the mother-daughter duo shared: “To those of you saying she needs to mind her business, her daughter is forever her business. Nonetheless, I bet you $20 she is going back to him! Poor mama 😩, Stay away from people who are always “sorry.” A little girl is going to date her father. That’s just how it goes. And she’s going to follow the example of her mother. Period. Set good standards for your children. Their lives depend on it.”

A third person had this reaction: “Half of all of you telling her to proofread knew damn well what she was saying . Y’all act like all of you ain’t type out something so fast that autocorrect added or messed up a word before. He knows Toya don’t play about reginae she told him that from the start. A mothers instinct almost always she should listen to Toya. Lil Wayne out racing Ferraris with reginae she busy.”

YFN seems to be in trouble.


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