Saturday, April 20, 2019

Lisa Vanderpump Feels ‘Most Betrayed’ By Kyle Richards - Thought She"d Defend Her In The Puppygate Drama -

There is no secret that Lisa Vanderpump is estranged from pretty much all of her co-stars on Real Housewives but apparently, the one she feels like she betrayed her the most is none other than Kyle Richards! Apparently, Lisa really expected Kyle to defend her in the Puppygate drama, something that, obviously, did not happen.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Lisa truly feels like out of all the RHOBH ladies, Kyle betrayed her the most as she essentially called her a liar in her own house, making her feel very disrespected. Lisa loves Kyle and felt she has always stood by her, however, Lisa felt like the way she came into her home and accused her of lying was so hurtful which is the main reason why she stopped speaking to her.’

Vanderpump still insists that she is right and that ‘she did not throw anyone under the bus and just expected Kyle to jump to her defense and it makes Lisa sad since she did the opposite of that. Lisa was so hurt by this that she instinctively blocked Kyle because everything was so painful for her to deal with at such a sensitive time since she had just lost her brother.’

They went on to say that Lisa wishes Kyle was at her B-Day bash but she was too hurt, she just could not bear it.

As for a possible reconciliation between the two former friends, the insider shared with the news outlet that Lisa would be all for it if Kyle made the first step.

All Kyle has to do is contact her first and be as sincere as possible.

Then, and only then, would Lisa be open for a discussion, which, if it goes well, would lead to her forgiving and forgetting!


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